Incoherent Babble Episode 10: TRUE SELF Edition


After an even longer break than before, the gang reunite for a new episode. With Zigg hosting and Aqua, Jel and Iro on the panel, they talk survival strategies, pretty men in spandex, bad sequels to bad games and the One Piece Rap before going for an in-depth discussion of this blog’s undoubted favourite topic, the Persona games. Beware spoilers!

Get it while it’s hotter than a Miku Pizza here

Show notes after the jump

2:20 – We talk about what we’ve been watching.  Jel elaborates on his review of Penguindrum, Aqua praises the virtues of Ni No Kuni, Zigg enthuses about Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger  Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger and Iro reveals the interesting experiment that is Red Dragon.

28:05 – The latest news gets discussed, including uncontrolled hilarity over the beautiful fusion of Miku and Domino’s, yet more bitching about Ace Attorney 5 and the inevitable singing of the One Piece Rap.

46:30 – After some phone-related shenanigans we get into Persona, talking about our experiences with the franchise, what we like so much about the games and out hopes for the future.

1:32:48 – In a special bonus segment, Iro, Jel and Zigg discuss the most recent entry into the persona family, Persona 4 Golden and offer opinions on how it compares to the original game. 

Music used this week – ‘Mass Destruction’ by Lotus Juice, ‘What a Teddieous Song‘ by CrombieTheZombie, ‘Shadow World’ by Shihoko Hirata, ‘P3 FES’ by Yumi Kawamura and Lotus Juice.

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