World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 10-11

Turns out there was a giant civil war this entire time and West Udogawa had been the only neutral region thanks to Zvezda’s efforts. However, now that Tokyo’s governor (also Asuta’s father) has brought his special forces to the battlefield, Kate and her followers are easily beaten and forced on the run. With things looking grim, Asuta strengthens his convictions…sort of.

World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 5

Kate decides that White Robin’s ineptitude makes her a perfect target to learn more of White Light’s operations and sends her minions to find out her identity. Somehow Asuta can’t manage to figure it out that it’s Renge until a super esoteric clue shows up. Realizing his friend is a member of the opposition, he’s conflicted over how to proceed.

World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 4

Like last week, we learn a little more about Natasha’s past and how she came to be Kate’s loyal mad scientist/witch/exhibitionist. Additionally, the crew’s headquarter’s udo powered energy reactor goes down, forcing them to find the original udo root and do something before all of their equipment runs out of power.

World Conquest Zvezda Plot: Episode 3

This week, Kate and her crew decide to wage a war on the insufferable tyranny of habitual smokers in public locations. Things soon escalate into a conflict that encompasses the entire West Udogawa region. Additionally, we learn a bit more about Yasu and Goro’s past before they ended up joining Kate.

World Conquest Zvezda Plot: Episode 2

After the events of last week’s episode, Asuta Jimon still attends school for some reason, despite being a runaway child. He ends up getting brought to the Zvezda Headquarters, where he meets the rest of Kate’s crew on their off hours. Elsewhere, a rival organization known as White Light are mobilizing to face the supposed thread that Kate and her motley crew represent.

Haganai NEXT Episode 11

Rika gets sick from working too hard on the movie and is unable to finish it in time for the festival. Yusa discovers Sena is in the Neighbor’s Club and tries to find a way to shut it down.