Random Manga Theatre 102: Nostalgia for the Blue Seashore

Hit the “Random” button and see what comes up! In this feature, we take a look at whatever manga the RNG decides to throw at us and find out if it’s worth your time.

This time: Ao to Umibe no Nostalgia, by Koyomi Minamori


Generic romance oneshot go!

Alright, I’m being slightly unfair. But only slightly! This is still a relatively generic shoujo oneshot, and it contains almost everything that implies, up-to-and-including love bubbles and luminescent blushing and all that.

Nostalgia for the Blue Seashore takes place in one of those quiet, idyllic, coastal Japanese towns that seemingly all anime/manga take place in. Our hero is Misao, a regular kid who has a liking for antiques (which already gives him a thousand times more personality than your average anime protagonist nowadays). Conveniently for him, antiques seem to regularly wash up on the local beach, and they always do so after a typhoon hits the area. While a story about a guy appreciating and refurbishing antiques might be interesting on its own, this is anime and thus we get the requisite inciting incident of Misao meeting a pretty girl whom he finds on the beach the day after one of these strange typhoons.

As you might expect, Chouko is an antique herself, having been somehow transported to the present from the same town in the 1920s. What follows is a romance with a perhaps implausibly small amount of culture shock as she hangs out with Misao in the modern day, waiting for another typhoon and therefore a chance to return home. As mentioned, the story hits all the usual romance beats, ending on a bittersweet note as Chouko goes back to her own time. Blahblahblah, you get the point. That said, some decent points are brought up in Misao’s favor for why he doesn’t want her to leave (apart from “I LURVE YOU”), most notably that if she returns to the early 1900s she would probably have to live through WWII and the use of the atomic bomb on Japan. At the very least, that’s a fair bit more nuance than most shoujo ever bothers with.


Verdict: Cute I Guess

Yeah, this was alright. If you want to read a quick, mostly-pointless, feel-good romance, Nostalgia for the Blue Seashore might be up your alley. That’s all I got.

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