Charm Incarnate: My Love Story!! Episode 3

ore3b “My Blue Ogre”

Wednesdays at 3 pm EDT on Crunchyroll

In this very special episode, Gouda continues to be thick skulled about his misconceptions. After an awkward meet up with Yamada, Suna finally makes him see the light, and I almost have a heart attack.

Marlin’s thoughts

This episode was the kind of thing you could only dream from a normal shoujo story. In Jel’s First Impression he mused that how this show handled Gouda’s frustrating misunderstanding would make or break this show, and man did they make it. This kind of confession scene is the sort of development I loved from the beginning of My Little Monster. Contrast with that, the confession actually stuck here. Too many times you’ll get half confessions or similar things go nowhere, but here we have the characters confront their feelings and have that honest interaction respected for the emotional high it deserves to be.

ore3cI’ve been the resident romance lover ever since Kimi ni Todoke came out over five years ago now, but I can’t remember a single time that’s given me the warm fuzzies quite as much as this confession scene. While hiding to hear someone’s true feelings is a bit weird, Suna was dead right that it’d be the only way a guy like Gouda could get it in his head that he is actually desirable. I like that Suna confirms himself that he believes Gouda is cool enough to deserve her affection. His accounting of how girls really treated him does give some credence to Gouda’s inferiority complex, but quickly you can tell it’s all very vapid remarks on his looks or his (admittedly kinda weird) quirks. Yamato sees him for what he really is, a nice guy who cares about the people close to him.

ore3gSuna is running away with the Golden Iskandar this year after this episode. In the first few episodes the show tried to play him up as some coldhearted foil to Gouda’s playful exuberance. Now we know this friendship isn’t so cheaply made. I loved every time he explained what he does for Gouda as something that should be only natural. He cares about Gouda more than those girls because he’s genuine, and deserves to not be hurt by them. His normalcy almost makes him feel like the real viewpoint character, as he normally reacts to the emotions of Yamato and Gouda where the two of them were too nervous or hesitant to express them naturally.

ore3dAll of these good feelings do point to the most important question: What’s next? I mean, I’m sure this show could do a great job just being an adorable romantic comedy about the two lovable dopes, but I think it’s pretty obvious that Suna will come more into the forefront. As Gouda and Yamato start to date and get more serious, I could easily see Suna feeling left out in the process. The allegory of the Blue Ogre is obviously a foreshadowing of what might happen. Even purely from a storytelling standpoint, it would be hard to keep Suna in on scenes when the two of them start to get more intimate. I do like that it seems we’re getting a change of pace and might see things from Yamato’s perspective next week. I wouldn’t mind if it keeps hopping around. Suna seems to be perfectly honest with his feelings this episode, but even he must have some reservations that would be interesting to delve into.


2 thoughts on “Charm Incarnate: My Love Story!! Episode 3

  1. This episode was perfect. The number of times I have always wanted to punch fictional characters for being dense is far too numerous to be healthy.

    • It’s almost kinda insane considering how quickly western media likes to shack characters together that anime still has us amazed that people learn they like each other in less than a year.

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