First Look: MY love STORY!!

ore1a Alternative titles: Ore Monogatari!!
Manga Adaptation by Madhouse
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Gouda has grown up all his life falling in love, but the girls only ever have eyes for his friend Sunakawa. After graduating middle school, Gouda stops a molester on the train, saving a young girl named Yamato. He quickly falls in love with her, but he believes that history will repeat itself once again.

Marlin’s verdict: Heartwarming

I definitely like where this show starts at if anything else. Gouda is a charming main character in that he’s actually sociable and realistically genuine despite his unrealistic proportions. He also seems to understand his emotions, which is something that is almost always a struggle for the average shoujo protagonist. Unfortunately, his self-esteem doesn’t allow him to think of the possibility that Yamato might be interested in him. Sunakawa appears to be a good friend, but he almost seems emotionally distant. While it may make for an engaging plot, it’s easy to see what kind of conflicts his possible crush on Yamato might cause. Out of all of the main cast, Yamato is going to be the real challenge to like. This is not because she is a bad character, far from it actually. Her courage to stand up to her attacker and back up Gouda was admirable, and her efforts to thank Gouda and get to know him better are adorable. The problem is, her voice is almost unbearably mousy. It’s not often that Japanese voice acting really gets the better of me, but this character is just so high pitched, and I imagine we’re gonna need to hear from her a lot, that I’m not sure if I can handle it. Let’s hope that gets toned down in the episodes to come, as I think with the right story direction this could become a gem of a show.

ore1cJel’s verdict: And Now For Something Completely Different

Jel: ore monogatari was kinda of nice
Marlin: yeah
Jel: aside from the painfully obvious misunderstanding part
Jel: it was cute
Marlin: right, same thoughts here.
Marlin:Also, it gave me a lot of respect for the girl to have her not back down to her attacker and go all the way to the station to give her testimony.
Jel: i like that he punched him when he said “she was asking for it”
Jel: seems topical
Jel: man that is just not going to end well though, is it
Jel: grade A shoujo drama
Marlin: im not sure where its headed
Marlin:will he torpedo himself?
Jel: its gonna be a mess
Marlin: like a self-fulfilling prophecy kinda thing
Jel: well his hot friend is gonna be into her
Jel: but she’s into him
Marlin: right
Marlin: it’ll be interesting
Jel: she’ll probably go on a date with his friend or something and everyone will be miserable
Marlin: i wonder how long they can drag out the misunderstanding
Jel: lesser shows could drag that out for 10-12 episodes
Jel: so I guess we’ll see if its a lesser show
Marlin: yes
Jel: just copy and paste this conversation into the post
Jel: and we’re all set
Marlin: haha sure why not

ore1bArtemis’ verdict: Finally, A RomCom I Can Get Behind

This was just lovely! I had assumed from the first synopsis I read, and then from the OP, that this show would be about a romance between an ‘ugly’ high school guy and a high school girl who’s initially terrified of him because of his appearance. And I guess that might have been okay, but it was a pleasant surprise to discover that our main female protagonist isn’t actually that judgmental – if anything, My Love Story!! is going to be more about Takeo’s misunderstandings than Yamato’s. Better still, while Takeo is perhaps a little socially awkward and unable to comprehend the idea that a girl might like him rather than his bishounen friend, he’s clearly no pushover or social pariah. In fact, he’s quite popular among his fellows, and is kind-hearted and selfless but not about to take any crap from anyone. Now that’s a well-rounded character right there. Yamato’s character may or may not be a little too sugary-sweet for me, but even if that turns out to be the case, this is still the first romcom couple in a long time that I’ve felt genuinely good about.


3 thoughts on “First Look: MY love STORY!!

  1. Yup, I’ve read a bit of the manga (which seems quite popular), and there’s less of that kind of cliche drama than you’re expecting. The anime should be pretty good if it follows the sweet story of the manga.

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