Tamako Market Love Story

Time passes and high school is almost over for Tamako and her friends. With her decision to continue working with her family and Mochizou’s decision to attend film school in Tokyo, they’re running out of time to sort out their relationship.

Tamako Market Episode 9

It’s Mochi Day at the market and romance is all around the Kitashirakawa clan. Mamedai recalls falling in love with his wife, Anko is frustrated by her feelings for Yuzuki-kun, and Mochizou wonders if Tamako will remember his birthday.

Tamako Market Episode 8

Dera’s weight has ballooned out of control, causing the girls to take drastic measures to slim him down. This includes bringing him to school to keep him from sneaking food, so Choi decides to tag along.

Tamako Market Episode 7

After months with no communication, Dera receives a visitor from back home. Afraid of the repercussions of his failure, Dera leads her to believe he’s being held captive by Tamako and her family.

Tamako Market Episode 5

It’s Summer and Mochizou is getting overwhelmed by his feelings for Tamako. With Dera’s help he tries to get closer to her on the school trip, but the situation gets complicated once Midori catches on to his plan.

Tamako Market Episode 4

It’s festival season at Bunny Mountain and the shopping district is as busy as ever. Anko isn’t nearly as enthusiastic about it as her big sister though, and would rather be off on a museum trip with her friends than help at the shop.

Tamako Market Episode 3

Dera becomes smitten with Shiori, one of Tamako’s new classmates that she recognizes from the badminton club. He brings Shiori to the shopping district, but her shy personality makes it hard to connect with Tamako.

Tamako Market Episode 2

Valentine’s day is approaching and the Bunny Mountain Shopping District (yes, they apparently live on Bunny Mountain) brainstorms ideas for the occasion. Tamako herself seems to have a few admirers but who will she give her chocolate to?

First Impressions: Tamako Market

Tamako already leads a busy life attending high school, spending time with her friends in the baton club, and helping out at her family’s mochi shop, but her life may get even more hectic after finding an incredibly peculiar talking bird.