Tamako Market Episode 5

Briefly stepping into Nichijou territory

Recap: It’s Summer and Mochizou is getting overwhelmed by his feelings for Tamako. With Dera’s help he tries to get closer to her on the school trip, but the situation gets complicated once Midori catches on to his plan.

Jel’s Thoughts: This episode came so close to legitimate drama but kept pulling its punches at every opportunity. Midori’s sabotage could have been pretty nasty and the scene when Mochizou confronts her later could have been a lot more intense, but everything was neatly smoothed over by some inappropriately upbeat music and Dera talking everyone down. I should give them credit for avoiding the emotional whiplash that seems to be going around these days and having the two make up by the end was probably a more realistic outcome. On the flipside though, this is a show that has a magic talking bird with PROJECTOR EYES. I would be OK with a little exaggeration, and as it stands very little was accomplished.

That boy's gotta work on his ability to fantasize

I suppose Tamako Market’s purpose is to make you feel good though, and on that front they never disappoint. Tamako is painfully adorable and her inability to swim is just another one of her endearing imperfections. Dera steals the spotlight even more than usual, and the bit where he calls out Mochizou on his feelings had me laughing pretty hard. He kind of filled the role of Record Shop Coffee Stoner Guy this week as far as bringing the characters a little clarity, even if his advice is coming from a slightly off-kilter perspective.

Watch the eyes

Since this was a big Romantic Tease episode I’m taking this opportunity to put a theory out there: Midori is not in love with Tamako but is actually in love with Mochizou. Call it a hunch as there has probably been more concrete evidence to the contrary, but just follow her eyes. There’s been too many parting glances in his direction for me to write it off. Even going back to when she ran away from the commercial shoot in episode 2, my gut instinct was she was actually jealous of the attention Mochizou was showing Tamako and not of Kanna feeling her up in a bunny suit.

Believe it or not they there are not talking about breast sizes

It’s all part of my master theory for how this will all end, so buckle up for some WILD SPECULATION! We’ve been moving along at roughly one month per episode, starting around Tamako’s birthday in episode 2. At that pace we’ll be back around to her birthday at the end of the series. Mochizou’s whole deal in the beginning is he’s tried to find the perfect birthday gift, and the only thing Tamako wants is her mother’s song she can’t remember. I’m feeling pretty sure that’s going to be his gift, it’s just a matter of whether Tamako figures out he loves her or not. That leaves us Dera and his mission to find a bride for the prince, and with Midori’s ship sailed (either way), she seems like a good candidate.

Tamako's got all the SWAG

Of course that could all be wrong and Midori will actually go on a jealously-fueled axe wielding killing spree. Part of me has always hoped the K-ON! team would get tired of making cute, fun, carefree stories and go totally off the deep end, but that will (probably) never happen. At least they are very good at what they do, and for now we can all keep enjoying our pleasant, idealistic stroll through Tamako Market.

Iro’s Thoughts:
This episode didn’t feature the ramen shop owner or the stoner coffee man, making it the worst episode ever.

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