Tamako Market Episode 11


Recap: Nearly a year has passed since Dera arrived and the market is buzzing with the news about Tamako and the Prince. What will her decision be?

Jel’s Thoughts: Well, it’s finally all going down with Tamako and the Prince and to be honest I thought it was a bit muddled. There’s no terms or consequences presented, it’s just kind of thrown out there. Granted I didn’t expect Choi to put on the pressure or anything, but she never says “but it’s your decision!” either. Perhaps that dialogue took place somewhere between last week’s cliffhanger and wherever it is we picked up this episode, but it seems like that would have been important to share with the audience.


Still, the net result would have probably been the same, with folks around the market freaking out and Tamako not really giving much of an answer either way. Her little meltdown was pretty adorable though. The whole bit with the stamp cards was a subtly not-so-subtle way of showing what was most important to her, and I think it gives us a pretty strong indication of how things are going to go down in the finale… which brings me to one of my favorite penultimate episode activities. Here are my odds for what will happen in the last episode, give them a look then PLACE YOUR BETS:

  • 4:3 Tamako stays

  • 3:2 Stoner record store guy fixes everything

  • 2:1 Mochizou confesses to Tamako

  • 3:1 Tamako confesses to Mochizou

  • 8:1 The Prince chooses Choi instead of Tamako


  • 20:1 Midori confesses to Tamako

  • 30:1 Shiori goes with the Prince

  • 100:1 The Prince stays and joins Tamako’s harem

  • 200:1 Tamako goes with the Prince

  • 500:1 Shiori confesses to Dera

  • 1,000:1 Kanna poisons the New Year’s mochi, killing everyone

So there you have it. I’m totally expecting Tamako to stay and end up with Mochizou in some fashion, especially with all the dramatic running and blushing going on in the previews. That seems like the safe bet, so it will be more interesting to see what happens with everyone else. I would love to see some more weird and crazy before Tamako Market wraps up, but I suppose I will be content to tie a neat bow on things and move on.

Prince of Thieves

7 thoughts on “Tamako Market Episode 11

    • I think there’s reason to believe it will happen. Shortly after writing the post I realized Mochizou’s family name is “ouji”, which means prince. I don’t know why I JUST noticed that since they’ve been calling the actual prince that this whole time, but I think that’s a pretty good sign. Plus like I mentioned the preview has a lot of dramatic running around and blushing so I could totally see it happening.

      • Ahhh! That’s true!! I would have never noticed that.
        Hmmm…you’ve gave me much hope jelx-sama *HAILS*
        Overall, the anime was a cute short series. (Why’d it have to be so short T^T) The scenery was nice and refreshing and Mochizou is indeed a very adorable character. ^ ^

        I’m secretly hoping for the Kanna scenario though >w< Mwahahaha~

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