Tamako Market Episode 4

Calling her Mini-Azusa seems redundant. Maybe Micro-Azusa?

Recap: It’s festival season at Bunny Mountain and the shopping district is as busy as ever. Anko isn’t nearly as enthusiastic about helping out as her big sister though, and would rather be off on a museum trip with her friends.

Jel’s Thoughts: For better or worse Tamako Market totally succumbed to its Slice of Life tendencies this episode, and at least for this week I’d say it was for the better. Following Anko around for a day was a much better way of characterizing her than getting inside her inner monologue or having another character explain it for us. All we needed was the little push from her flashback in the beginning, adding a drop of bitter to the usual sweetness the show is so good at delivering. I could have done with a little less of the “DON’T CALL ME ANKO!” bit, but overall it was a much more enjoyable episode than I was expecting.


While this was an imouto-centric episode, there were plenty of opportunities for Dera, Kanna and possibly even Mochizou to steal the show. I know some people find Dera’s posturing annoying but I still think it’s pretty hilarious, and seeing him literally become a golden divine statue was pretty fitting. Kanna also brings a much needed dose of quirkiness to a generally plain cast, and while she only has a few brief moments this episode they were possibly the funniest.

Sorry dude, it was a good effort

As for poor Mochizou, he can keep trying but I think his odds of getting through to Tamako are pretty slim. For as much as the show teases love and romance (especially the episode titles), it’s clearly more about the community itself. Taking Tamako out of the innocent, mochi-filled daydream she’s living in would seem to run contradictory to the show’s purpose, but we’ll see how it goes. We at least know the teasing will continue as next week’s episode is called “We Spent the Night Together”, but I would be stunned if it was any more than that.

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