Humanity Has Declined Episode 2

[We’re kicking off our weekly GLORIO anime coverage with brief recaps and impressions of our favorite shows of the season. We promise to keep it safe and professional on the main page, but be warned: once you click “read more” we’ll be flying those spoiler flags nice and high.]

Recap: The Mediator finds herself wandering deeper and deeper into the ominous fairy factory, only to uncover the true masterminds behind the mysterious goods.

Thoughts: I was a little worried Humanity would be all shock and awe after seeing the first episode, but the second has reassured me the writer knows exactly what he’s doing. In a series that decries our wasteful society it’s fitting that hardly a single narrative detail goes unused. For example, that novelty gun noise made by the Assistant’s camera may have seemed unecessary last episode, but oh how it drove home the point in this episode’s climactic showdown. Even the suicide itself filled a need – if you’re going to have a bunch of sentient headless chickens jumping off a cliff, might as well have them feed some hungry children.

Of course the bigger issue is now that you have our attention, what do you want to say? So long as they keep the message universal I am OK with the satirical bludgeoning they’ve been raining down on impotent governments and the mindless sheep that follow them. I do have to wonder if the human middle manager that appears early in the episode was meant to be a specific target, but I don’t know anything about Japanese politics so I couldn’t say.

For a show best known thus far for a talking piece of bread ripping itself in half and spouting blood, surprisingly I think Humanity’s most admirable trait has been it’s restraint. It’s cynical but not too dour, witty but not too funny, principled but not too preachy. If it can keep all those things in check then we might just be watching something really special.

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