Summer 2012 First Impressions: Horizon In the Middle of Nowhere Season 2

Novel Adaptation by Sunrise
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Does anyone really know what this show is about? You knew what this was.

Jel’s Thoughts
I randomly jumped into this episode to grab a screencap. I was greeted by a woman barging into a room, yelling “Let’s calm down and have sex!” at another woman holding a ghost baby.

Verdict? ……….

Lifesong’s Thoughts
Okay recap time, we have a main character who spends the entire episode naked, dudes fighting with magical baseball equipment, a mecha that makes some sort of alternate dimension thingy and a second pair of enemies that fight by doing various things while quoting shakespeare. If you are not already looking this up you probably want no part in it.

Verdict? Homerun! 
But if you are looking this up you will probably love the hell out of it. It’s hard to express what Horizon is without showing it to someone in it’s entirety. This show is equal parts mess and fun. Now with none of the infodumps from the early part of the first season to slow it down, this show jumps right into things in the craziest fashion possible. I love it personally and I have high hopes for this season, even if I may never fully understand it.

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