Summer 2012 First Impressions: The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Novel Adaptation by Studio Gokumi/Madhouse
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

A young man who loves Sengoku era video games wakes up on the battlefield and assumes the role of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Oh and surprise! Most of the other warlords are now girls.

Jel’s Thoughts
I spent most of this episode yelling “WHO GAVE THEM THIS BUDGET?!?” as the animation and characters are gorgeous but the material… not so much. It could be end up being a fun romp for history buffs, I don’t even need to know why the main character ended up their in the first place. But when he is literally saying STOP I AM FROM THE FUTURE AND THIS MUST HAPPEN BECAUSE THAT’S THE WAY IT HAPPENS it’s some of the most lazy writing imaginable for material that is basically already written for you. Couldn’t they have just had him going along for the ride?

Verdict? Just Another Pretty Face
Maybe I will regret dropping this the way Sengoku Collection miraculously came around and became awesome, but unless this is also ends up a total departure from the first episode I doubt it.

Lifesong’s Thoughts
Hideyoshi dies before the opening and some dufus history nut kid takes his place. Oh and most of the generals are women. There are plenty of silly antics but the show has a surprisingly serious vibe about it.. puting our incredibly silly protagonist aside anyway. It’s a nice change of pace to see someone sent back in time who actually knows how history is supposed to be instead of the usual idiot on a field trip. Also bouncing breast armor is a thing in this anime.

Verdict? Fun With History
Studio Gokumi and Madhouse and both studios I’ve come to expect little from so imagine my surprise when this turned out to be a fun first episode. Maybe it’s just my natural incilnation to enjoy this genderbent warlord stuff but I thought this first episode was a lot of fun. Unlike similar things which tend to throw history to the wind such as Battle Girls – Time Paradox, Nobuna actually feels like it’s trying to stick closer to history instead of focusing on making the warlords quirky women and I can appreciate that. While certainly not show of the season The Ambition of Oda Nobuna is something fans of the Sengoku peroiod or just history lovers in general are sure to enjoy.

Irothtin’s Thoughts
A dude appears in the Sengoku Period and uses his video game knowledge to hit on all the warlords (who are all nubile young women).

Verdict? URGHHHH
I did not enjoy this. It has good production values, I guess, but otherwise there was nothing that made me want to keep watching.

Marlin’s Thoughts
This is one of those shows where I really don’t understand the demo. Are there just a bunch of history majors out there with pent up feelings for historical figures but don’t want to recognize that mostly all of them were dudes? I did like that they had the dude from the future actually use his super nerd history knowledge as it makes him more than just an accessory to the plot, though.

Verdict? A New Meaning To the Sengoku Period
If they keep it interesting I could see this being one of those shows I could watch and enjoy but not love. Only time will tell.

Timmy’s Thoughts Guy gets thrown into a world where many significant historical figures are genderswapped. Somehow I get the feeling this has been done before… or not.

Verdict? Moe History Done Right
As probably many others were, I was expecting this to be another Samurai Girls where some names of historical figures are applied to several elaboratly designed female characters who are then thrown into some random story. Turns out I was pretty much right for the most part but the big kicker here is that the story is these character’s actual history and it works. While the intended audience for this seems to be japanese history buffs the show elaborates enough for anyone to pick up the historical references. If you liked Samurai Girls but thought it could have used a much stronger story look this one up. Hell, you might even learn some Japanese history watching this.

4 thoughts on “Summer 2012 First Impressions: The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

  1. It’s not only aimed at japanese history buffs and anyone interested in it, but also at lolicons. Really, the number of lolis is just too high! Especially for this kind of anime. One of them can’t even speak properly…
    I’d expect more fanservice with girls with curvy bodies like Queen’s Blade from this kind of topic.

    • Now that you mention it there are a lot of lolis, although the magical physics defying “breast” plate girl cancels them out a little. I didn’t really like the show but I do think this is supposed to be taken more seriously than Queen’s Blade. The closest thing to that this season seems to be Aesthetica, which from what I hear had a pretty repulsive second episode.

      • Yes I was talking about the kind of girls (body types) you’d expect to find in a fighting series based on history (and of course the fanservice from which one cannot escape) – like, better built and less frail, because this is an anime that intends to follow historical events closely and that would make it more realistic. 🙂 Women, not elemen…highschool girls

        Thank you for replying to my comment 😀

    • There are some loli vibes but so far they are pretty low key comparing to something like say Koihime Mouso. Lolis are a staple of the genderbent warlord genre so I can’t see anyone making such a thing and doing away with them, It would be like a harem without a tsundere as it breaks the tried and true formula of what works. Personally I think it is more a bid at humor(bad humor perhaps) than sexy fanservice or perhaps the original novels are being toned down a bit. We should be able to tell in a few more episodes.

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