Summer 2012 First Impressions: Lagrange – The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2

Continuation of the Anime Original by Xebec
Simulcast by VizMedia on Hulu

Several months after the flower incident, Madoka encounters her old comrades back in Kamogawa. Will the three girls’ relationship ever be the same?

Jel’s Thoughts
I don’t know if I would call it a shortcoming of Lagrange’s first season, but I would say I wouldn’t mind a little more concrete conflict or danger going into season 2. Fortunately that seems to be the way they are headed, cashing in on last season’s set up as the three factions square off. I’m not saying I want all death and destruction either, as the balance of fun and serious was the series strongpoint. So I’m glad to see they haven’t neglected that aspect either.

Verdict? Make A Little Circle With Your Hand… 
…and stay tuned.

Lifesong’s Thoughts
It’s a rare find when anime manages the right balance between interesting characters and deeper plot happenings, something I believe that first season of Lagrange pulled off pretty well. So here are going into season two With two factions ready to square off and Lan and Muginami dedicated to different ones Madoka is stuck in between their dispute. The first episode kicks off the action with a bit of intrigue, reminding us of the darkside behind the good guy aliens as well as reminding us that all is not what it seems with last seasons bad guy aliens. Last season left of ton of questions to be answered and while this first episode didn’t give us any of those answers it’s good to see the questions havn’t been forgotten either.

Verdict? Maru!
No way am I going to miss this. Lagrange was Winters surprise hit that under the radar. I am very much looking forward to seeing how this all pans out. Get hype and Maru, Lagrange is back!

Marlin’s Thoughts
We come back from the season break to see a long time has passed. With Lan and Muginami off fighting for their respective homes, Madoka is left alone in Kamagawa to live her everyday life. This is definitely not what she was wanting. I don’t know what made this show so likeable for me the first time around, maybe it was just the backdrop of a super serious interplanetary war juxtaposed with the pure boundary crashing will of this spunky high school girl. I love how even though there’s so much seriousness around the entire production there’s always Madoka ready to bounce in and try to break any kind of sense. Interplanetary fugitives? Work at my new restaurant. Interplanetary war? I’ll make them kiss and make up! This girl is just a giant ball of crazy, but somehow it just is so infectious I can’t stop watching.

Verdict? Still don’t get all the lesbian undertones 
Maybe that’s a Nanoha homage or something? Who knows.

Timmy’s Thoughts Lagrange is another show I picked up in fear of an anime drought this season and also ended up loving it. Madoka is offically a total badass. So how does the show fare post-timeskip?

Verdict? Still Per-fect! 
Still pretty damn good. A lot of shit has gone down since we last were here. Old allegiances between the threesome have become strained and I love the fact they decided to throw in some internal conflict in to kick this second half off. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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