Humanity Has Declined Episode 6

+5 Strength, -10 Charisma

Recap: Pion accompanies the Mediator as they continue exploring the underground city ruins. What they find reveals Pion’s true identity, with major implications for the Human Monument Project.

Jel’s Thoughts: I liked the change of pace of this arc, giving us a chance to enjoy this bizarre version of the world we’ve come to know and helping characterize the Mediator a little better. Aside from some light homage to RPGs and Super Sentai shows, there’s no real target for Humanity’s usual biting satire.

Of course, having already established that’s how this show works, I don’t think this type of narrative would be a good idea beyond these two episodes. This arc served its purpose as a cleverly deployed flashback, but lacked any of the punch of the first two. The story of Pion and Oyage was kind of sweet, but a little hard to swallow because of its ridiculous WTF premise. Hopefully Humanity will roll up its sleeves and get back to socking people in the mouth next week.

On a final note, I found the giant cat fighting the giant nautilus way funnier than I should have. It does not take much to amuse me.


[Sabotage your boredom by watching Humanity Has Declined on Crunchyroll.]

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