OP/ED Op-Eds: Eureka Seven [Himitsu Kichi]

As an experience, Eureka Seven tends to be constantly pushing forward. It’s a show that’s very much concerned about the future – growing up, falling in love and changing the world for the better. That’s why ‘Himitsu Kichi’ (‘Secret Base’) is a little unique – in a show that looks forward to the future, it’s a theme that’s unashamedly about looking back.

Kozue Takada’s song is a paean to the rose-tinted days of childhood, about how the world seems so much bigger and your dreams are much larger with them. It’s a tune infused with a profound sense of nostalgia and wistfulness, yet still one that avoids being schmaltzy. I’ve often imagined that it could be a song about the protagonists reminiscing about the events of the show – things were tough, sure, but it was still a special time in their lives, one which they’ll always remember. All of this is set to an incredibly beautiful strings and piano arrangement, with Takada’s sharp, clear voice ringing out perfectly. It’s simply one of the most wonderful pieces of music I’ve ever heard, and one that always moves me profoundly. While Eureka Seven teaches us the importance of looking to the future, this song reminds us that it’s sometimes OK to gaze back to your past, and count your days in the sun fondly.


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