Natsuyuki Rendezvous Episode 4 and 5

Episode 4 Recap: Ryuusuke figures out the thing that really should have been apparent from day one: taking Rokka out on a date removes his problems with the ghost. Will our main man ever score? Will Rokka manage to find an outfit that doesn’t make her look like she tripped walking through a Pier 1? The world may never know.

We start out this episode with Ryuusuke taking Rokka out. Using the classic and fantastically underhanded tactic of using second hand knowledge (vis a vis the sister in law Miho) our protagonist decided to take the charming Manager out to an old fashioned amusement park. The date starts out innocuously enough, Ryuusuke the suitor, normally flaunting his suave younger personality, is visibly nervous. It was actually a really cute scene, showing that the pressure for making this work is really getting to him, since going outside is his best defense against the ghost.

I cannot comment on this episode without taking a minute to talk about these absolutely goofy outfits the pair have going for them here.

Seriously. Just look at that. Ryuusuke almost looks like he’s wearing a trucker hat, whilst Rokka has to have the weirdest hat I’ve ever seen, coupled with earrings the size of dreamcatchers and what appears to be a scarf that never ends. Perhaps I’m just not that in on the latest trends or something, but man what in the world was up with that.

Back to the date, it would appear that while Ryuusuke’s plan to take her to an old haunt seemed to be working fantastically, it would appear that he dug for paydirt and ended up tripping a landmine. Every ride in the amusement park only reminds the widow of her dearly departed. Every opportunity to close the deal and finally get Rokka to fall for him seem marred by images of the past. It is unclear whether Rokka was just remembering events, or perhaps this is another ghost power, as it seemed to coincide with scenes showing Atsushi in incredible despair.

I always admire Ryuusuke for his tenacity. Once again he’s able to win back some of Rokka’s heart with his patented brand of romantic albeit somewhat creepy gestures, like the above pictured hand tasting. The biggest twist is in the end of the episode. While I knew ever since Atsushi developed an interest in using the power, I wasn’t expecting it to be used this early in the game. Ryuusuke feels he needs liquid courage to finally convince Rokka, but ends up dealing away his body. As the end of the episode gives a glimpse into Atsushi’s use of the young man’s body, it seems just like how Ryuusuke was thrown by the presence of a ghost, Atsushi is also blundering his way about while being in a foreign form.

Episode 5 Recap: Atsushi remembers how much human bodies can suck. In the meantime, Ryuusuke is stuck in a sugarplum dreamscape. Will Ryuusuke ever return to his earthly husk? Does anyone have Inaba’s phone number so Atsushi can learn to properly be in someone else’s body? Up next after sports.

I was actually quite disappointed by this episode. I was really hoping for more to happen. While I can understand Ryuusuke entering the dream world needs time to develop, it just drops a whole bunch of questions and only answers maybe one. I also felt much more needed to happen, something to signify this place is special. In the end the conversation between him and the fairy Rokka amounted to that of an NPC telling you to go find the prince without any explanation.

At first I felt the mischievous intent of Atsushi would make him go very far to ruin Ryuusuke’s chances with Rokka. It really humanized the ghost’s character to see him only superficially jab at the poor young man. Even in his desperation to keep Rokka for himself, he realizes Ryuusuke still deserves some manner of dignity.

It seemed that one of the few highlights of this episode were to better flesh out Ryuusuke’s character, ironically without his personality even being present. This episode is the first to mention his horrible eyesight, what would appear to be on par with my brother and father’s from the looks of it. I actually saw some reference to that in descriptions for this show, but it seems so unimportant that I’m puzzled as to why it is even noted. It was funny that Atsushi’s haircut was supposed to make Ryuusuke look bad, but since anime hair can be all types of crazy I never noticed that was his intention until he said it.

At the very least I liked the end of this episode. Rokka’s unprovoked proposal was very surprising. Knowing where this show is capable of going I’m also very interested to see what Rokka’s intentions are in giving Ryuusuke a bath. The dreamworld also seems to have established its mysteriousness properly, and will move into explaining its purpose. I’m still enjoying this show greatly, so I hope what’s in store this Thursday will be able to keep me going.

2 thoughts on “Natsuyuki Rendezvous Episode 4 and 5

  1. On the goofy outfits you mentioned: Good I wasn’t the only one thinking that there was something wrong with what they were wearing. They apparently know good fashion. Maybe!

    As for both episodes, yeah I do prefer Episode 4 or 5–Episode 4 was filled with a lot of clever writing–but 5 wasn’t too bad, and while you mentioned it drops a whole bunch of questions now, well, we definitely need more questions for Natsuyuki or else it might just drag on more than usual. Right now my concern is how long is Hazuki gonna be stuck in the dream world, and what will happen when he does return. Everything else is secondary to me…for now at least.

    • I do feel that it will be quite weird if they stick him in the world for too long. How is he going to explain all the things Atsushi is doing within him all this time? Is Atsushi just going to give him some sparknotes once he gets back?

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