Natsuyuki Rendezvous Episode 6

Recap: Atsushi is adapting to the mask, and his longing for Rokka is finally overcoming his desire to keep her and Ryousuke apart. At the same time, Ryousuke is still trapped in the picturebook world, unable to find a clear way out. How long will Atsushi take control of his body, and how far is he willing to go with it?

Atsushi’s reactions continue to surprise me as these weeks roll by. Originally I thought he would be only too eager to exploit having control of Ryousuke’s body to fulfill his desires at the expense of their relationship. However, what we saw was him backing off, and even lashing out against the young man for his insolence. Now, this week, it would seem that he is succumbing to Rokka’s roundabout advances, but then decides to call her out on them.

It’s hard to say whether he just did not like how Rokka was acting or maybe even pitied Ryousuke for her tip-toeing, but I loved that scene after Rokka reneged on her proposal. His word choice was strong but fair. If Rokka really did want Ryousuke she should stop putting up airs about her intentions, and stop using Atsushi as a barrier to moving on.

It was nice to see more come out of the picturebook world this week. Since it seemed to originate from Atushi’s conscience, I was thinking it would be giving Ryousuke a glimpse into their married life. Instead, it seems to be making Ryousuke look inward, this week figuring out why he ever started loving Rokka in the first place. It was somewhat funny to hear his first description of her, as even with her long lashes she doesn’t look very feminine. It was sweet to hear him talk about positively her because of natures of her character, rather than any carnal attraction. It makes Ryousuke’s love seem more real to me, that it’s the sum parts of Rokka that made him fall in love with her first.

With a transition into a new picture-world, this time the Little Mermaid, I’m still very perplexed as to the link between the picture-book and Ryousuke’s entrapment. It might be nice to see more of how Ryousuke’s mind works, as it is clear he first went about courting Rokka with much trepidation. His actions prior to the start of the series seem at odds with his very cool and confident demeanor, and it would really be nice to see what about Rokka made him act so strangely.

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