Campione! Episode 7

Elegance has many forms.

Recap: After firing the power of the sun at Voban to no avail, Godou has run off with Yuri to rethink his plan before the final confrontation.

Lifesong’s Thoughts
Wow, what a fun episode! The pace is still charging ahead like it’s tail is on fire, but surprisingly most of the important stuff from this fight made it into the episode. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get more time with the spell words for Apollo, but the special effects where cool so I can be forgiving.

I feel I should point out that Godou’s golden sword storm is something of added anime flavor and that fact really stood out to me in this episode. The appearance of the anime version for Godou’s warrior form is very reminiscent of Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night. In the book it is never described in so much detail. The emphasis is instead on the gods and their origins with a battle of spell words. It’s not really changed in the anime, but it’s really easy to lose focus and miss the depth in this anime.

Basically what happened is this.. both gods trace their origin’s to the earth. So Godou changed the shape of his sword to target the root of both gods instead of an individual god.

Its not like she is rubbing your chest intimately becaues she likes you or anything.. baka!

Its not like she is rubbing your chest intimately becaues she likes you or anything.. baka!

So who knew that Apollo was a sun eating werewolf? I actually thought the way that turned out was pretty clever. When I think of Apollo it’s easy to forget that he takes a lot of different forms Greek mythology. I feel a bit silly for not suspecting him in retrospect. I do wish the anime had spent a little more time explaining it. I find myself wanting more info dumping in this series so that I have more room for nerding out. How sad is that?

In the end Voban lost his authority over Apollo and Osiris. His duel with Godou was a costly one, but he never did run out of tricks. Despite Voban’s voracious nature he does honor his own rules at least. I doubt the anime will see a rematch, but I can’t help but wonder what other trumps Voban still had up his sleeve.

Blackmailed by Shoujo.

Blackmailed by Shoujo.

On the harem side of things it seems as though Liliana is an official member of the Godou fan club now. She got very little focus aside from Erica holding her hostage to a certain girly aspiration. The time was instead dedicated to Yuri which I can understand.

If you missed it, Liliana can fly. The books explained it as part of her blood line and heritage. Something about being from a line of witches? The more interesting fact established that may or may not become important later on is that fact that Erica despite the names of boots, cannot in fact fly, she just jumps high.

Remember that time you went outside dressed up as a werewolf and it rained swords?

Remember that time you went outside dressed up as a werewolf and it rained swords?

Yuri was very cute this week. Kana Hanazawa really managed to bring her character to life. Probably the biggest problem I have with harem stories is that as they go on characters become forgotten or simply fall to the wayside of the plot. Erica is clearly the leading girl here so I have been a little worried about Erica stepping in and saving the day again, but that proved not to be the case. As I mentioned above I am a bit worried about Liliana’s role but I suspect she will get her moment just as Yuri has.

Join me again next week for vacation time at the hot springs! I’m actually not dreading it.. someone kill me now before I’m too far gone.

Yuri helps Godou reform his "sword".

Yuri helps Godou reform his “sword”.

Meet And Compare

Apollo is a god with many different forms and origins. If you were to ask me who he was before this episode I would have told you that Apollo is the Greek god of the sun. While that’s true it is only part of the story. Apollo is also god of the hunt and a god of both healing and disease.

The whole werewolf thing feels like a little bit of a stretch to me but it’s still withing the range of what I am willing accept. Now if Voban had summoned a swarm of rats instead of wolves I think I would have guessed who the authority belonged to. Perhaps rats were simply too obvious?

5 thoughts on “Campione! Episode 7

    • I can see why someone might find Yuri boring. She is a very typical Japanese character. A lot of the chemistry in the last three episodes relies on a sense of understanding toward Yuri’s views that quite frankly Is probably a bit lacking for anyone who has not been born and raised Japanese, myself included in that. We still have one Harem member left and I don’t want to spoil anything, but I think she will do a good job of mixing things up a bit.

  1. Better than Erica? That’s a tough question, especially since most of what I know is from spoilers at this point. I will say this, if you like badass heroines I think she will fit the bill nicely.

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