All Your Monies: August 27th

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week, it’s a bumper crop as we temporarily raise our quota to 8. Also, there are three boys!

Vash the Stampede (Trigun: Badlands Rumble)
Kotobukiya, January 2013, $$60,000,000,000 7,560JPY

Dragonzigg: I love everything about this figure except for one thing. The pose is fantastic, full of action and movement, and the sculpting is top notch. I particularly love the way Vash’s coattails are flying out around him, and the detail that’s been put into clothing, like the straps on his boots and panels on his coat. The one thing is a big thing though – that face just looks a little off. Granted it’s clearly a fighting moment, but it seems a little too sharp and nasty looking for the ever-lovable goof Vash. Kind of expensive too.

Jel: As popular as it was, I never got into Trigun, so I don’t have a lot of insight to offer on this. It does have the distinction of being both a male figure AND a figure from an older series, so it’s always encouraging to see that. Not sure about that pricetag though.

Timmy: I can’t say I have watched more then one episode of Trigun if that so I don’t know much about the show. I do know, however, that this Vash looks pretty awesome. Price is maybe a tad high for a 1/8th scale figure though but I guess there is a lot of detail there to justify it.

Lifesong: I would be more impressed by this figure if I didn’t know who it was supposed to represent. It looks great but it is a little too psycho killer for Vash.

Aqua: Best Dante redesign since the Ninja Theory one. I kid, of course -hold your horses. I adore the edginess of this figures, the details, the pose and the fact that he isn’t wearing his stupid John Lennon glasses. Anything else? Well, I suppose the front coattail looks a bit like… wait, that’s a snake?! Oh, and I wasn’t kidding about liking Dante’s redesign, by the way.

Menma (AnoHana)
QuesQ, December, 6,470JPY

Dragonzigg: Am I the only one who thinks this pose looks a little unnatural? She’s all arms and legs everywhere. I’m not a superfan of Menma’s character design either, and that alternate smiling face looks like somebody gave her way too much sugar.

Jel: There’s quite a few Menma’s out there, and this is certainly one of the better looking ones. The alternate face is cute too, but overall it’s a very straightforward presentation. I know everyone is probably sick of hearing GET THE ALTER VERSION but in this case Alter’s Menma is one of the best looking figures this year. Unless you need more than one Menma in your life, go with that.

Timmy: This Menma is cute but like everyone has said, Alter’s Menma is better. The alternate face is lovely though and I do enjoy having multiple display options.

Lifesong: CUTE! Honestly I didn’t care that much until I saw the alt face, ordered this pretty quickly after that. I have Alter’s Menma on order as well. Both figures manage to capture Menma’s personality perfectly and sometimes that is what figure collecting is all about.

Aqua: Whoever designed AnoHana‘s characters must have thought “Hey, people like that Hidamari Sketch show with the wide faces, right? I’m sure very long faces would be very cute too!” No, mister, they are not. Menma’s design is so sickeningly “pure-and-innocent” it sticks out like a sore thumb. Do all half-Russian Japanese girls have enormous eyes like that? I’m pretty sure AnoHana has enough rabid fans to justify two figures of she-whose-name-must-be-screamed-out-for-five-minutes-straight, but I’d prefer drama that doesn’t try to pull the tears out of my eyes. Oh, the figure? Well, I guess it’s good, but you can see that too.

Jude Mathis (Tales of Xillia)
Alter, January 2013, 6,220JPY

Dragonzigg:  I know nothing about the Tales series, but I do know that I love the look of this figure. The confident, dynamic pose, the great looking outfit with all the shades of blue and grey, the chunkily oversized boots and gloves. It’s just great to see a dynamic, bright and colourful male figure like this and as usual Alter appear to have bought their A-game.

Jel: I find the Tales series a bit overwhelming at this point, I really can’t keep track of all the games and characters and figures and what not. Whoever this guy is though, I guess he looks pretty cool? I have always had a soft spot for characters that bring their fists to a swordfight, so that’s a plus.

Timmy:  Alter makes another dude and he naturally looks awesome. One of these days I will cave and pick up one of their male figures.

Lifesong: Haha.. these hopeless fools think Jude is cool because of this figure… This guy can out whine shinji. That aside Jude is looking pretty good here and I do have Milla on order so I’m slightly tempted. In the end I have decided to pass on this one as I just don’t have the shelf space for him.

Aqua: Ugh, Kirito has made his way into the Tales series as well? Comparisons to horrible anime protagonists aside, this guy looks like someone I’d like to keep around in my party if Namco ever decides to bring Tales of Xilia over to that third-world country I live in.

Yozora Mikazuki -Monster Hunter ver. (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai)
Griffon, October, 6,430JPY 

Dragonzigg: I’m impressed with how fast Griffon have turned this around. She looks great fully coloured and I love the hair, although I’m a little less enamoured with the ‘here is my ass and my boobs’ pose. In fact the entire costume is a little weird and I can’t say I’ll be ordering, but she looks like a smartly made bit of kit regardless.

Jel: Wow, that was fast. I chose Yozora as one of my favorites from WonFes and now that she’s all colored and ready to go, something just seems a little off to me. The detailing on her equipment, especially the bow, seems a little subpar and her face looks a little flat. It is still a nice looking figure though, I’m just super picky about my scale figures. I am leaning toward ordering her, but I’ll  have to think about it a little more.

Timmy: I have been waiting since the beginning of time for someone to make this version of Yozora and Sena so you bet your ass I ordered this at the speed of light. You don’t have the best reputation for quality with me Griffon so this is a huge chance to redeem yourself. Don’t screw it up.

Lifesong: Yozora is looking pretty good here. Griffon figures are never very photogenic so when one looks reasonably good in a photo that’s a pretty good sign. Still a pass for me as I am not a fan of the character or the Monster Hunter series.

Aqua: I guess Yozora’s Monster Hunter design in the manga just wasn’t fanservicey enough, huh, AIC? For some reason, AIC thinks it is necessary to accentuate Yozora’s backside in every single piece of promo material she appears in (probably because they already had a character for breasts freaks) just like how it thought BokuTomo suddenly needed to become an ecchi harem anime in order to get people to watch it. Oh well, I can keep complaining about how the animation studio -literally- sexually assaulted one of my favourite mangas, biut that’s not going to make this figure any less great. I like non-standard character designs being turned into figures and this one looks really great, with the exception of the rather clumsily-sculpted bow.

Nendoroid Akari Akaza (YuruYuri)
Good Smile Company, December, 2,620JPY

Dragonzigg: I think it’s really cool of GSC to include an Nendoroid body along with their bazooka hair accessory.

Jel: Gotta give credit to GSC for making a character whose defining trait is being unnoticeable stand out. Love the rocket hair obviously, the raep face is just a little disturbing though…

Timmy:  Poor Akari. Everyone who is buying her is most likely buying her for the hair bazooka. She is cute yea but I’ve already got enough cute Nendos.

Lifesong: Wait she is not invisible? This character needs only a base and a nameplate sitting in the rest of my collection unnoticed. I would pay for that even, but cute as this is I don’t care about the hair missile gag enough to pay for it.

Aqua: Buy the Akari nendoroid. Use the hair bun missile parts to give your Madoka nendoroid rocket pigtails. Sell remainder of Akari nendoroid parts to crazy YuruYuri fan.[Like Aqua, and for real cheap.-Tim] Everyone wins, no one loses.

Neuromancer Yoko Littner (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
Yamato, December, 9,280JPY

Dragonzigg: The idea of doing large scale poseables keeps coming up but it keeps falling on its face. Yoko is a pretty bad place to start because since she wears so little it’s impossible to hide those joints. Having said that I do think this is a really smart sculpt, but that crazyprice puts off any aspirations of owning her I might have had.

Jel: I like the idea of larger scale poseable figures in theory, but they always seem to be super expensive. Joints aside, Yoko looks great and they captured her character really well. I just think most collectors would rather spend that kind of cash on a nicer static, scale figure or two.

Timmy: I have finally warmed up to the Figma joints but these still really stand out to me. I guess the bigger you go the more noticeable they get and Yoko certainly doesn’t have much to hide them. Other then that she looks great though, especially for a poseable figure. 

Lifesong: Why are they still making Yoko figures? Does anyone really want more of them?


Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!)
Alter, December,  5,370JPY (Re-release)

Dragonzigg: This is an amazingly made figure but man, fuck Izaya. What a bastard.

Jel: Personally, I wouldn’t let this man in my house. Even as a plastic statue, I don’t trust him.

Timmy: Speaking of Alter’s awesome dudes I almost got Izaya and Shizuo the first time. Looks like I am going to be tempted again. 

Lifesong: As much as I liked the designs for this anime, all black is surprisingly boring in figure form.

Aqua: You can say about Izaya what you want, but he’ll always have more fangirls than you do. Hmm, what a delicious dick.

Wait a second…

Real Action Heroes Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)
Medicom, March 2013, 14,500JPY

Dragonzigg: This is a really nice representation of Yuno with some super creepy accessories that add a a nicely ghoulish and cartoonish edge. However, my issues with the RAH line remain – they’re too expensive and they tread perilously close to being dolls.

Timmy: Ah, the RAH line strikes again. Yuno looks great but again the joints do bother me. Unlike Zigg though there is enough figure still here in the hair and face for me to buy one of these. I was tempted by Madoka after all. I just wish they were a bit cheaper…

Lifesong: Yuno is looking awesome here, but I do like sleeping at night… PASS

Aqua: The first time Yuno appeared on screen someone must have thought that a figure of this spectacular girl would  make them a lot of maney from all over the world (maybe even Belgium). The possibilities were endless. They could have made a creepy adorable Yuno nenoroid! They could have made a figure of her in the infamous gasaiface pose! They could have make an awesome action figure of her in full-fledged insane murder mode! But, in stead, they made this. With the inclusion of Yuno’s phone, her signature axe (knifes are for amateurs) and a swappable gasaiface, this figure is intened to evoke all of Yuno’s greatest moments from the series, but what it really does is remind you how crappily animated Future Diary could be from time to time. All three of Yuno’s faces look disturbingly off-model for all the wrong reasons and lack the attention for detail that made Yuno’s expressions so creepily poignant. The fabric clothes look sloppy and lazy, and I think it’s pretty clear by now that I hate joints. So please, Alter, GSC or any other company that makes great plastic… Forget about this abomination and give me a figure of the Queen of Yandere in all the glory she deserves. OR ELSE.


Nanoha Takamachi Zenryoku Zenkai ver. (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha THE MOVIE 1st)
Kotobukiya, September, 7,020JPY

Dragonzigg: OK, at this point I’m putting these in simply to annoy Aquagaze.

Timmy: I think she looks great and the charred outfit and that base are really nice touches to separate her from the pack so to speak. If I didn’t already have too many Nanoha figures I would probably have ordered this.

Lifesong: More Nanoha, looks good as usual. Also as usual this was not even a considered purchase. I like the series, I love the designs, but I simply don’t want any more Nanoha stuff on my shelf.

Aqua: This thing is very, VERY similar to the MOVIE 1st version that was released a few years back all the other shitty Nanoha figures Zigg has featured on here, except this one has some extra effects parts for Raising Heart’s cannon Nanoha’s shoes and appears to lack Ferret boy Yuuno originality. I’ve no doubt the fit, finish and paint will benefit from the strides MF has Chinese child workers have made in those years, but it’s a little disappointing appalling they’re releasing something so close to what already exists. At least give us a battle damaged penguin suit version or something.

If Zigg recycles figures, I’ll recycle his reviews.

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