Humanity Has Declined Episode 9

God Save the Queen

Recap: As the fairy population continues to explode, a small group of outcasts seeks asylum with the humans. The Mediator is assigned to move them to a remote territory, but the group gets stranded on a deserted island en route. With nowhere to go, the fairies’ eagerness to please soon has them experiencing what humanity is really like.

Jel’s Thoughts: What a wonderful return to form after that last arc! Humanity got back to where it started this episode, taking huge swipes at society’s often misguided priorities and presenting the terrifying prospect of the fairies becoming like us. I am still kind of shocked how much content they crammed into 22 minutes, which is fitting considering the fairies manage to build an entire micro nation in a single week.

Even before getting on the island, our little peek into how the fairies are organizing themselves presents some truly frightening possibilities. We’ve already seen their attempts to understand and imitate humans, so seeing their little leadership council try and sort out how to make government happen just like the big people do it…. well, think about it. We’ve already seen the results of humans driving themselves into decline, could you imagine if they also had god-like powers to create and manipulate things?

Fortunately we don’t have to, as the island incident gives us a glimpse on a small scale. I found it interesting that the Mediator, who has been our relatable window into this madness, actually learns a bit of a lesson here. She starts to lose her normally cool, apathetic attitude as her authority and limitless possibilities start to go to her head a little. It made the final scene as she woke up on the beach eerily cathartic, especially with the super creepy ED song working its way into the scene.

Overall this was a wonderful standalone episode that encapsulated what the show is about, or at least what I thought it was going to be about before all the BL manga, sentient space probes and time loop cloning. After plateauing over the past couple of episodes, I feel a little more confident Humanity will finish strong.

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