Humanity Has Declined Episode 10

"Anyway, that's a lovely super robot."

Recap: The Mediator looks back at her first encounter with the fairies and why she chose her job in the first place.

Jel’s Thoughts: While not directly connected, this episode sort of worked as the B-side bookend of last week’s story. Something tells me The Mediator ends up as the fairies’ god or queen or whatever a lot more often than we might think. I am totally OK with that.

Seeing how our heroine got started certainly won her more points in my book. Despite her seemingly apathetic attitude she still seems to care about being useful more than anyone else around her. And she does her job reasonably well based on her own abilities. Most anime would have her succeed as either a total ditz that manages in spite of herself or just going the Mary Sue route. So yeah, let’s hear it for intelligent, capable women woo!

It was interesting getting some more insight into the relationship between the fairies and humans, and the fact that normal humanity has essentially given up makes a whole lot of sense. Conventional wisdom would have put this episode earlier in the series, if not at the beginning, but I kind of like the way they’ve unraveled things out of order. It made for some cool reveals like at the end of the Pion/Oyage arc and honestly, does anyone expect Humanity to follow conventional wisdom at this point?

Only two episodes left, sadly, and I’m guessing we’ll see one last two part story to wrap things up. I’m leaning towards an open ended, business goes on as usual type of ending, but I think we’ve all learned not to take any possibility off the table with this series.

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