Humanity Has Declined Episode 11

Another nameless character YAY

Recap: The Mediator recalls her first days at school and the challenges of meeting new people.

Jel’s Thoughts: I’ve been thinking Humanity is going overboard with the flashbacks, but when you think about how things have progressed it seems like we’ve just been stepping further and further back into the Mediator’s life. First we went back to why she had to cut her hair as seen in the first episode. Then it was her first days on the job. Now we have her first days at school. It all just seems a little too convenient to be coincidence, like we’re finally getting to the root of just how far humanity HAS declined.

Thinking in that direction, two particular things that stood out this episode. First was the assistant robot, which was clearly more advanced than anything we have in the present day. We’ve never been told just how far in the future Humanity takes place, but considering the Mediator calls the robot old it may be even further out than I thought.

I Won't Rely On Anyone Anymore!

The bigger detail of course is just how far the education system has decayed. We’ve already been told the Mediator and Y were part of the last graduating class of…. well, ever. So we already knew the situation was bad. Actually witnessing the final death rasps of organized learning though, that was a little unsettling. Seeing the affection starved Curly cling to the Mediator just because she was the least horrible person around was pretty sad as well, I mean who knows what happened to all their parents or why they ended up there. The setting served up the most realistic portrait of mankind’s death we’ve seen in the series so far, and in the end I found it gloriously depressing.

Assuming there is only one episode left and this particular flashback continues, I think it would make a fitting end for Humanity’s cautionary tale. We’ve finally reached a point where we’re seeing things we can directly relate to, letting us make a direct connection with the message. Of course part of me is hoping the final episode just goes completely off the deep end, but whatever happens I’m sure it’s going to be completely unexpected.

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