Tari Tari Episode 12

OK FLYERS PRINTED... now what's the plan?

Recap: The Club insists on canceling the White Festival cancellation and continues to prepare for their performance. Their enthusiasm catches on with the rest of the town, but also draws attention from the Evil Construction Company standing in their way.

Jel’s Thoughts: Tari Tari is pretty much going through the motions at this point, setting us up for the big final performance that will still somehow happen despite the odds. I have no idea what the Club’s end game is in this situation. They never did receive permission to perform from the school or the construction company, but I’m sure some solution will magically present itself just as abruptly as the problem appeared in the first place.

Hey girls! You too can get whatever you want by sending boys pictures of your body!

Perhaps the only thing that did surprise me was Taichi going through with his friend’s request for a picture of Sawa. I guess it’s not that big a deal as the super confident, super awesome Sawa was OK with it and he did reach some sort of compromise. But seriously though, do you KNOW what he’s going to do with that picture? I’m sure it wasn’t anything more than the writers just writing themselves into a corner, but it seems like the wrong message to send.

The fact that I wrote as much about that one inconsequential scene as the rest of the episode should be an indication of how bored I was with Tari Tari this week. I’m looking forward to the final episode as we’ll finally get closure for Wakana’s story and we can all move on with our lives.

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