OP/ED Op-Eds: Best of Summer 2012


With the Summer season coming to a close we’re dedicating this week’s OP/EDs to our favorite OP and ED of the past season. This may not have been the most noteworthy season for anime opening and endings, but these two definitely stand out above the rest:

OP: Real World by nano.ripe (Humanity Has Declined)

ED: Kimi ni Matsuwaru no Mystery by Satomi Satou and Ai Kayano (Hyouka)

Join us in taking one last look at these memorable songs before we move on to the Fall season.

Real World by nano.ripe
This isn’t the first time nano.ripe has appeared on OP/EDs and it may not be the last. The song itself is fun and catchy, and coupled with the Mediator’s little dance it totally throws you off the scent of the show’s true nature. When you first see it you think “OH WOW THIS GIRL IS GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN WITH THOSE LITTLE ELF GUYS” and then BAM Loaf chan happens. Even after you figure out you’ve been had, it’s still a nice reminder not to take Humanity’s dark, odd humor too seriously.

Kimi ni Matsuwaru no Mystery by Satomi Satou and Ai Kayano
Watching the first half of Hyouka with our very own Irothtin, I would end every episode by saying “cue inappropriate ED”. The awkwardly sexual first ending, while beautifully animated, was completely irrelevant to the show itself. Fortunately as the show found its identity in the second half it also upgraded to one of the most appropriate ending animations of all time.

The song is a cute throwaway pop number by the series’ female stars, but everything else is perfect for the events of the second half. The obvious part of course are the Sherlock Holmes costumes tying in with the show’s love of classic mysteries. It’s the idea of the girls chasing after the boys and almost succeeding that really stands out as a great metaphor for the events of the second half.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the best OP and ED of Summer 2012. Stay tuned for our upcoming Fall season coverage and we can start the debate all over again!

3 thoughts on “OP/ED Op-Eds: Best of Summer 2012

  1. Why are these not Sword Art Online’s OP/ED?! ZOMG!!! SAO > This; you n00bs don’t understand how l33t SAO is! COMPLETE FAIL! SAO PWNS your face, your MOM, and your little dog too! This blog SUX! /unfollow.

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