First Impressions: Girls und Panzer

Original work animated by Actas
Simulcasting on Crunchyroll as well as streaming on The Anime Network later this fall.

Premise: In a world where operating a tank is considered a traditional martial art, Miho Nishizumi, who dislikes tanks, transfers to a high school that specifically doesn’t have a tank club.

Timmy’s Verdict: Worth A Test Drive

Cute girls drive tanks. That is the name of the game in Girls und Panzer and the show makes sure you know that with in the first 10 seconds of this episode. It is probably best they did though as the majority of the episode turns out to be a bunch of cute girls making friends with and/or trying to get the cute main girl to join the school’s newly formed tank team.

Animation wise things look alright with the girl being rendered as cute as possible and the CG tank parts actually being not half bad. It was actually quite a nice surprise watching them cruise along dodging shells as the rock ravine they are in explodes around them. Hopefully the budget holds out for when we actually get to that part of the story. For the rest it isn’t the prettiest thing ever but it is acceptable enough. I have seen some anime  and this looks like anime.

Overall what you will get out of this will depend on how much you like watching girls be cute and tanks. My enjoyment will probably be directly proportionate to the amount of time they spend outside the school but if cute girls being cute is your thing you may find some substance here no matter where the location.

Also a note for the tankers and war history buffs out there. Takaaki Suzuki, who was the historical military advisor for Strike Witches and Upotte, is involved with production so if the history and otherwise perversion thereof in those shows was something you enjoyed you might want to check this out as well.

Lifesong’s Verdict: Cute Fluff

Surprisingly this show is pretty much clean, by which I mean no gratuitous sexuality on display here. I was expecting this to fall somewhere between Upotte’s sexuality gag style and Strike Witches moe blob ecchi, but it proved to be neither of those and is going in a much cuter, cleaner direction. While this is a bit refreshing it is also frankly a bit boring. Should I feel bad for missing the blatant sexual humor of Upotte that is missing here?

Girls und Panzer has some good things going for it; chief among them is the fact that it feels genuine, and cute without being creepy. To give you an example of what you can expect from this anime: One of the tanks in the opening sequence is hot pink. The premise is incredibly silly, but if this anime can keep up the fun with the tank combat, this might make for a decent action show in a very cute wrapper.

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