Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb Episode 8: Yuno The Friendly Ghost

Now I get why Japanese high schoolers always like doing ghost houses.

Summary: The Yamabuki cultural festival is nearing, and much to Yoshinoya’s dismay, Yuno’s class decides to turn their classroom into a haunted house. Wow, never heard that before. These art students sure are creative. During preparations, Miyako sprains her hand, so it’s up to Yuno and the others to help her out. In the second part, Arisawa and Yuno’s parents come to visit the festival, and Nazuna and Nori experience the sacre of a lifetime.

Every episode of x365 started off with Yuno waking up. Every episode of x ☆☆☆ started off with the girls doing morning gymnastics. What does Honeycomb start off with? Yuno doing morning gymnastics in bed, of course!

I should do a wideface of the year at the end of Honeycomb’s run. This one probably won’t make it, though.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a flesh wound!”

Also, Nori’s class does an avant-garde interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. It involves cows. And crossdressing.

Nori, cows go “moo!”, not “mou!”.

Nazuna being Nazuna.

Nazuna was the scariest thing in the entire haunted house.

If this doesn’t remind you of a certain other infamous scene, you’re clearly not thinking hard enough.

Family portrait.

oh god yoshinoya is hot


Nope. Totally not lesbians. At all. Nope.

And the ending card. Screw Hiro and Sae. They are irrelevant.

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