Psycho-Pass: Episode 9


Recap: Kogami takes Akane to get a crash course in profiling, against the wishes of Inspector Ginoza. Meanwhile, Makishima begins his plans for Kogami.

Iro’s Thoughts:
We’ve got a sort of interim episode here, with the case in the girls’ school more or less solved last episode, even if our heroes don’t know what happened. We also get a peek into the mind of Senguji Toyohisa, the weird hunter guy who killed Rikako last episode – he’s a man who has replaced almost his entire physical body with cybernetics. I have to give some major props to the animation of this guy – he looks off, as if he were right in the center of the uncanny valley. I thought it was simply odd animation last week, but if his body is indeed robotic and such, then it makes perfect sense that he would look somewhat inhuman. He spends much of the episode giving the requisite Urobuchi lecture on the nature of cybernetics and humans always looking for ways to make things more convenient for themselves.


In the meantime, after seeing an old acquaintance of Kogami’s for a lesson in profiling, Akane gets into a fairly heated argument with Ginoza. This just ends up leading to a blob of exposition about Ginoza’s past. As was hinted at a few episodes ago, his father is a latent criminal, and since the Sibyl System is a fairly recent creation, Ginoza suffered some discrimination because of that. Except, by now we’ve pretty much pieced together that information ourselves – having it all said to Akane seems unnecessary. In fact, her entire role in the show seems to just be as the Watson, asking all the right questions so that the audience can be told all the right answers.

However, there’s still the question of exactly how/why Akane’s Psycho Pass remains so clear, and how she was so skilled in so many disciplines. Considering the sudden attention put on cybernetics and the pursuit of creating a fully cybernetic brain, I’m sticking with my joke prediction from several weeks ago that Akane is a robot of some kind. Plus hey, it’s mentioned in passing that she can’t swim – clearly it’s because her robotic body is too dense! OBVIOUSLY.


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