Psycho-Pass: Episode 10


Recap: Kogami gets lured into an underground trap by Makishima.

Iro’s Thoughts:
This episode was a more action-packed fare after last week’s super talky episode. Akane wakes up to a mysterious email from one of her friends who we’ve seen a couple times over the series so far, and takes Kogami along to investigate what is obviously a trap. They recognize as much, at least, and Kogami elects to go in alone. Not that this helps, since he gets whisked away by a train and off into some crazy underground labyrinth, chased by creepy-ass robot man and his robo hunting dogs. Also, did we mention he has to protect Akane’s mostly-naked friend as well (I take this opportunity to note that apparently Japanese women sleep while wearing lacy lingerie and that seems really uncomfortable)?

They run around the sewers avoiding being murdered by creepy-ass robot man, and eventually Kogami pieces together that they were given the means to contact the outside world – it’s all a twisted scheme set up by Makishima to test his new toys. He manages to take out one of the robo dogs to get one of the puzzle pieces, and finds the other in the bra of the hostage. Oh, Japan.

At any rate, Akane ends up getting blamed for all this business. Since Enforcers are latent criminals and Inspector Ginoza is still an unrepentant hardass, he goes off on a rant about how all of this might be a setup for Kogami to escape captivity in the offices of the Public Safety Bureau, very nearly driving Akane to tears. Cool old robo-hand guy handily shuts him up, though, and the episode ends on a cliffhanger as the rest of the squad tracks down Kogami and rushes in to save the day.


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