Little Busters: Episode 13


Recap: Mio is disappearing from everyone’s memories, and Rikki seems to be powerless to stop it. What can he do to stop himself from forgetting about her?

Midori, a girl who seems to be opposite of Mio has replaced her. Neither of them have shadows, and without the poetry book that Mio gave Rikki even he would be unable to remember her. What exactly is going on?

Mio is quite literally "shadowless".

Mio is quite literally “shadowless”.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Little Busters is finally bringing the magical fantasy side of Key stories out in full force here. It’s interesting to see that Mio literally has no shadow. I was kind of expecting a more realistic twist, but I am okay with the way this is playing out. I feel like I am completely in the blind on where this going which is a great feeling. I can only hope the conclusion will be something powerful.

I kind of feel a bit silly for expecting Mio’s story to take a realistic spin. Rikki also seems to have some sort of tie to something magical. I am beginning to think that Kyousuke is not what he seems either. The way Kyousuke would find 4-leaf clovers for everyone seems.. suspicious, to say the least.

There is something suspicious about Kyosuke.

There is something suspicious about Kyosuke.

I am enjoying the way these last few episodes have been playing off Mio’s poetry. The directing in this past episode was spot on. I really love the way the music played throughout the episode. Mio’s theme music has quickly become a favorite of mine. “Approaching Light” is apparently the title of the track. There is something beautiful about the way Mio has been quietly reading her books, shadowless, waiting to disappear forever.

Midori’s scene with Rikka was delectably creepy. I am very curious to see how this all ends up. I wish that I could find more on Mio’s poetry book since it is a real world thing. I feel I might be able to appreciate this all a bit more if I could. That said I am enjoying this route. Mio’s story has been unusually subtle for something from Key. I suspect the best is yet to come.

Beware the creepy clones.

Beware the creepy clones.

Will Rikki be able to save the real Mio? Will she disappear for good? It wouldn’t be the first time a Key character has just up and vanished from everyone’s memories. After the emotional gut punch from this last episode, I think I will be happy with either as long it can create more memorable moments. Personally I would really like to see the real Mio come back, those books in the library won’t read themselves after all.

Does not a white bird, feel within her heart forlorn?
The blue of the sky, the blue of the sea.
Neither stains her; between them she floats.

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