First Impressions: AMNESIA


Visual Novel adaptation by Brains Base
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Recap: Generic Otome protagonist has woken up with no memories of the past, making her a perfect self-insert to any interested parties. This is apparently due to some fairy bumping into her soul and trapping him in it… yeah I don’t understand that part either.


Marlin’s Verdict: Definitely not for me.

This show makes it painfully clear that it is an adaptation of an Otome game. At no time in the entirety of the episode did I really feel like I was watching an anime, it just seemed like i was literally being shown animated renderings of the flags of the VN. That is not good adapting Considering this is coming from Brains Base, who I had just come out of last season loving to death for their fantastic manga adaptation of My Little Monster and surprising original take on a mobile game in Ixion, this was really disappointing.

However, even beyond the fact that Otome games are definitely not targeted at my particular demographic, it was simply a boring premise. A pretty bishoujo loses her memory by magical happenstance and finds herself surrounded by a cavalcade of thin spiky-haired pretty boys. Even disregarding the generics of these dudes, the protagonist simply has no personality. I get that she’s supposed to have memory loss, but she spends the entire episode pretty much mumbling, apologizing, and echo questioning at everything thrown at her. It doesn’t help that she sounds like someone perpetually tired which is really irritating after a full half hour of it. I suppose maybe one episode is not enough to get the full picture, especially after what happens to her at the end, plus the fact that there’s any magical bent to the plot at all, but I cannot see any way that it would make it redeeming as a story.


Jel’s Verdict: Forget Other Otome Adaptations

I’m well aware Amnesia’s source material is super transparent with it’s gaggle of pretty boys fawning over our heroine, but you know what? With all the T&A female anime fans have to put up with for the sake of story at times, I say good for them! In this case we may not only have an anime full of doting, attractive men but may actually end up with a decent story too. Of course I’m not totally sure WHAT that story is as I missed half the subs checking out the super stylish art direction and smooth animation, but the format could lead to some interesting story arcs. I don’t think I found it compelling enough to personally make time for Amnesia every week, but I applaud Brain’s Base for attempting something a little more unique than your average otome adaptation.


Lifesong’s Verdict: Stylish

I don’t think I could recommend this anime to any of my guy friends in good conscious; however, I found the first episode enjoyable enough. This anime introduces one pretty dude after another as our protagonist goes about her day, completely unaware of who she is or who they are. While I am not particularly interested in a bunch of pretty dudes, there was enough intrigue to keep my attention. I like the way Brains Base handled this first episode. It was little more than setup for whatever will come later but they did a good job with it. The thing that stands out the most is just how pretty this anime is. Even the protagonist herself wears a stylish kimono for a good portion of the episode. I will watch more before I decide if the story is interesting enough to stick around or not, the production values certainly are.

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