First Impressions: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT


Alternate Titles: Haganai, I Have Few Friends
Light Novel Adaptation by AIC Build
Currently Unlicensed

Premise: The Neighbors Club has regrouped and it’s back to business as usual for Kodaka, Yozora, Sena and the rest of the crew. Will they finally figure out how to make friends or will they end up destroying each other in the process?

More of this please

Jel’s Verdict: Friendlier?

It took me awhile to figure out what exactly felt different about Haganai’s second go round, especially since plot wise everything is exactly the way we left it. I wouldn’t say this episode felt kinder or gentler but maybe… softer? That may be partially attributed to the upgraded visuals.The art looks stunning with thinner outlines and lighter color palettes, bringing the look of the show much closer to Buriki’s original artwork for the light novels. But even beyond that, Yozora’s opening prank is pretty tame and for the most part the episode focuses on Kodaka’s uneventful visit to Sena’s house. I suppose they could just be easing us back into the series and setting us up for the next story arc, but I definitely felt less of the in-your-face attitude of the first season.

Looks like this is gonna be a Sena arc though

The show hasn’t totally lost its edge though, and there is still some madness to be found . Sena essentially pleasuring herself in her obsession with Yozora will no doubt raise some eyebrows, and her dad (who I must remind everyone is named PEGASUS) remains delightfully weird. With the promise of some new characters and Kodaka’s foreboding words at the end of the episode, I’m sure they’ll be plenty of opportunity for more blunt comedy. I’m even game for some actual drama if that’s where they’re headed, even though Haganai’s attempts to be serious in the first season never quite panned out. I just hope they don’t pull too many punches in the process.

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