Maoyu Episode 11

Each of the Demon King’s students take their turn showing off the fruits of their labor. One of them has a meeting with the Merchant to discuss forcing a dual currency system, while the other leads a battle to protect the Iron nation.

Maoyu Episode 10

Recap: The Winter Kingdom has broken away from the church, forming their own national religion. Meanwhile, the Merchant plots to increase the price of wheat in the central kingdoms.

Maoyu Episode 9

Recap: The Older Sister Maid takes her place as the Crimson Scholar’s double. She is charged with with being a heretic and beaten in front of a crowd of horrified onlookers.

Maoyu Episode 7

The Demon King is preparing to visit the demon world in order to renew her contract as Demon King, while the Knight competes with her for the Heroes time and affection.

Maoyu Episode 5

War is brewing. The Winter Nation is charged with taking back their lost island. Meanwhile the Hero works to restore the demons to power to the city taken by the Humans.

Oreshura Episode 4

Chiwa waits for her date, Eita and Masuzu hide and watch from nearby. As they wait and time passes Eita catches Chiwa’s date watching from the sidelines as well. He is with his friends taking bets on how long she will wait before going home.

Vividred Operation Episode 3

Akane and her friends transfer to a new school. She is late after delivering papers and uses her transformation to make it to her new school on time. Akane is caught flying around by Wakaba Saegusa who challenges her to a duel.

Maoyu Episode 4

The Demon King prepares to meet with the Merchant and seal a deal with them by offering to teach them about corn. The merchants question her motives but after a situation that almost got ugly the two come to an agreement.

Oreshura Episode 3

Eita and Chiwa go along with another of Masuzu’s classroom skits. This time Chiwa is a warrior who remembers her past life and must fight for FRIENDSHIP!

Vividred Operation Episode 2

Akane and Aoi have both become magical girls and they take the fight to the Alone. The jet fighters fall into formation with the magical girls and they make a joint strike on the mechanical beast.

Maoyu Episode 3

3 months have passed since the beginning of the farming experiment and 6 since the Demon King first came to the Winter County. The Hero and Demon King take a trip to visit the church at the Lake County. When they arrive they find that Female Knight is the one running the show. She tells the hero the story that their old party had been given and how The Mage ventured into demon lands to look for him.

Oreshura Episode 2

Eita is forced to go along with his new “girlfriends” whims as she torments his childhood friend. Masuzu dangles the secret of popularity out in front of Chiwa like a carrot on a stick.

Maoyu Episode 2

The Demon King takes it upon herself to visit a human village and teach them advanced farming techniques. This unique challenge involves first teaching the village people how to think at all.

First Impressions: Sasami@Unmotivated

Alternate Titles:┬áSasami-san@Ganbaranai, Sasami and the Sibling Surveillance System Light Novel Adaptation by SHAFT Simulcast pending on The Anime Network Premise:┬áSasami Tsukuyomi (Kana Asumi) is a lazy, slightly snappy shut-in who depends entirely on her doting brother Kamiomi (Hochu Otsuka) to get anything done. Whenever he’s out, Sasami lies on her bed, observing the world through…

First Impressions: Kotoura-san

Haruka Kotoura has the power to read minds, something which has brought her nothing but grief and caused her to become lonely and friendless. Transferring to a new school, she meets Yoshihisa Manabe, a curious boy who seems unafraid of her ability.