Robotics;Notes Episode 12


Recap: With a fear of robots and a lack of skills, Jun starts to feel at odds with staying in the Robotics Club. When her grandfather Doc becomes ill, she visits, but is turned away. Will this be the last we see of the adorable karate girl?

It did seem like it was time to finally discuss the cute tanned girl in the room. Jun has been a personal favorite of mine ever since her introduction back in episode 2, but there’s no denying she is the weakest link of the Robotics Club. She has no incredible computer skills, she has no great mechanical expertise, hell she’s even afraid of the darn things. It’s really easy to see her in this awkward stage of seeing her friends geared up for the next stage in making GUN-Build2, and not having the drive to participate. After an attempt to cheer up the ailing Doc brings back old trauma, Jun had finally had enough, and tenders her resignation.


Good thing Akiho’s not the kind of girl to accept that. In fact, more than that she outright refuses to let her leave. Even Kaito spends some time trying to convince Jun to stay. One would be forgiven thinking Jun is supposed to be Kai’s romantic interest for all the time he spends hanging out with her in all honesty, but it was a good character-building scene to see him try to help her. Together they try to lift up her spirits and change her mind, but it’s not something easily done. Instead, we actually see their good-for-nothing teacher giving her some advice, albeit somewhat inadvertently. I’m calling bullshit on that video though, there were clear jump cuts that you wouldn’t see in an continuous-shot amateur recording.

At the heart of the conflict is the relationship between Jun and Doc. I really can relate to Jun. Stubborn grandfathers can be hard to manage, and its always near impossible to tell what they really want from you. I can’t remember the amount of times I’ve tried to help my own and be told I’m doing it wrong, or wait for him only to be chided for my indecision. At the end of the day you know they care for you but it’s hard to see it. In Jun’s case it seems to be more a case of misunderstanding. She though she was the one being yelled at, but it would seem he was, probably in simple frustration, yelling at the robot.


The final scene was as adorable as it was jarring. While it was an emotional reconciliation between family, to the outside observer it’s simply bizarre. Try to be one of those kids. You’re just going about your business enjoying these 50’s style robots when all of a sudden an old man starts shouting and crying hysterically, before talking to some random girl and having them both cry hysterically. Talk about a mood killer. I’m glad Production I.G. left in the obviously disquieted faces of the people watching as I got way more of a kick out of it than I really should have. Anyway, I’m glad Jun in all her adorableness has overcome her character arc and can now rejoin the cast with some confidence.

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