Little Busters Episode 15


Recap: Riki is playing games with the rest of the guys when Komari and Kud show up outside his room. They are panicking about something “terrible” and ask him to follow them…

When Riki asks them what the the something “terrible” is, the two girls cannot remember and give up defeated. Shortly after this happens Riki receives an emergency text from Rin asking him to come to her room and help her. Riki being the unsuspecting friend that he is, risks limb and life to enter the girls dorm where the entire female cast is waiting for him to join their “terrible”.. sleep over party?

Mio no, that thing is dangerous, put it away before someone's pride is permanently scarred.

Mio no, that thing is dangerous, put it away before someone’s pride is permanently scarred.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Isn’t Kud supposedly Kanata’s roommate? I guess J.C. Staff forgot about that. I suppose that is not terribly important, just disappointing. Putting aside that hole in Little Busters consistency, this episode was fun. Riki should really learn to be a bit less trusting when Yuiko may be involved.

Riki in a dress was an unsettling yet all too natural thing. Yui Horie’s acting only helps to affirm just how feminine Riki is and his interactions with Kyouske added to the joke. Riki loves love it seems and he has Kyouske to thank for that. It was cute how Riki thanked Yuiko for what she was doing for Rin instead of being mad at what she was doing to his pride in the process.

This anime had room for some Yuri, who knew.

This anime had room for some Yuri, who knew.

Kanata’s presence in this episode seems to reinforce the idea that Haruka’s route is up next. I wonder what tragedy Little Busters has in store for us this time. I suspect something a bit more normal than having a shadow double is at work this time.

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