Random Manga Theatre 32: Recently, My Sister is Unusual

Hit the “Random” button and see what comes up! In this feature, we take a look at whatever manga the Random Number God decides to throw at us and find out if it’s worth your time.

This time: Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashii n da ga, by Matsuzawa Mari


Random Number God, why have you forsaken me? I guess the string of halfway decent manga was just to lift me up so the karmic backlash could strike me even further down with horrible, horrible comics. About the best thing I can say this week is that it wasn’t as bad as last week, but considering Elementary School Girl Introduction, that’s not saying a lot. Let’s get this over with.

In what is a fairly typical backstory/setup for crappy harem series, high-school student Mitsuki suddenly finds herself with a new older brother, Yuuya, since their single parents decided to hook up with each other. And since we need an excuse for them to hang out without parents telling them that they shouldn’t start making the beast with two backs, said parents have decided to move overseas or something. While Mitsuki normally wants nothing to do with her new ONII-CHAN, she suddenly finds herself possessed by a ghost. Specifically, a crazed bro-con ghost who desperately wants to have all the typical harem anime antics with Yuuya, up to and including strapping him down and having her way with him.


I have never understood why Japan even has an incest genre. It boggles the mind. What is the appeal of jamming it into your sister? As a person without a sister, am I missing something here? Do sisters become ultra-sexy when you both hit puberty or something? I thought siblings had a natural aversion to such things to prevent narrowing the gene pool. The ludicrous attempts to justify the very premise by making them not related by blood just make the entire debacle even more suspect – in such a case, why not just make them childhood friends or something? Do Japanese people just find banging their siblings to be an inherently erotic forbidden fruit?

Anyway, Hiyori (the ghost) needs to get rid of her ghostly unfinished business by doing the aforementioned harem anime antics, and does this be periodically taking control of Mitsuki’s body and acting like the most sickening little sister to ever walk the earth. Every time the attraction between Mitsuki and Yuuya increases, a heart-shaped gauge on the ghostly S&M chastity belt that has appeared on Mitsuki’s body fills, and when it maxes out,  a new magical step appears on the literal stairway to heaven to bring Hiyori to the pearly gates. But hey, sometimes she gets impatient for the next step to appear, and Hiyori just molests Mitsuki in the bath until she orgasms to fill up the gauge the rest of the way.

…Yeah, I’m done.


Please don’t read this. You would be doing yourself a disservice. There are better harem series, better romance series, better ghost stories, even better incest stories out there. In fact, we’ve covered a couple on this blogboth My Lovely Ghost Kana and Kana Little Sister manage to be more explicit than this manga and be of a significantly higher quality plot-wise. If you must read something about sexytime with ghosts or little sisters, you might as well start there.

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