Robotics;Notes Episode 15 and 16


Recap: Airi’s true nature is revealed, and honestly it’s kinda stupid. After my disappointment mounts, R;N manages to snag me back in. GUN-BUILD2 is complete as Kai searches for the final report. In the shadows, Aki’s sister and her boss are plotting something. Much like Okabe and his lab, will the unintended consequences of messing with conspiracy finally fall Kai and the gang?


Episode 15

Look, I wanted to like this episode. Anri’s a sweet cyber-girl and all, but I just couldn’t feel it. The emotions just seemed really forced, and the weird kiss at the end didn’t help things. I still don’t quite get Airi’s existence in general even after the flashback. Is she just a facsimile? Did he somehow figure a way to broadcast her subconscious in IRUO? If it’s the former, why even do it? It’s not like that helps Airi at all. If the latter, why would he want her to only be able to wander around a virtual world, not being able to even have proper contact with normal people, instead of sleeping and then waking at the same developmental age? Either way the whole reason behind Airi is really fishy and really brought me out of the episode. Also, even if it was for a nice gesture to a dying AI, one would think after the Tokyo robot debacle  Frau would know better than to mess with IRUO stuff for the entire island. I still don’t understand how she got off the hook for the robot attack in the first place.


Episode 16

Well, after a disappointing couple of episodes (if that last paragraph didn’t tell you anything) Robotics;Notes starts back up strong. With the GUN-BUILD2 complete it looks like our intrepid club will nail it at the Expo. I love the gang’s new winter outfits they brought out for the test. As much as I loved Steins;Gate one of the big things that nagged at me was that they always wore the same clothes except for maybe one occasion.Unfortunately, dark clouds are gathering over the club. Misaki’s boss has finally caught on to Kai playing Hardy Boys with world-shattering conspiracies.

What in the world did they put in those enhancements. Idno if its just they have GPS chips or microphones, but I don’t quite understand how they knew of the best time to kill off someone who knew too much. It really made me legitimately startled that they’d pull that card out this soon. We still have no idea what Mizuka has to do in the grand scheme of things and she’s already gone! The pacing for that scene was also pretty awful, making it seem like it takes a minute for Kai to realize “Oh wait, maybe I should try to stop her falling into the goddamn ocean!” Still, I did have to give R;N props for a genuinely chilling scene as the strength of the exoskeleton kicks in and Mizu simply resigns to her fate.


It was really a misdirection to set in that electricity laser. At first you think that, if anything, is what’s going to go wrong and hurt someone. We already know the powers that be have some massive control over a lot modern electronics. I also love that the KILL-BALLAD controls for moving forward are just mercilessly mashing buttons apparently. Is that what playing video games looks like to normal people? Yet, much like The Happening, we find The Wind, of all things, to be the real culprit. Honestly, if these kids had any of the technical know-how they purport to have they’d know you’re never supposed to conduct sensitive machinery tests with high windspeeds, or any kind of adverse weather conditions in general. That’s why we launch shit from Canaveral and not Chicago. Still, I doubt they’re going to ax two named characters in a row, so my money’s on Subaru comin’ out of this one alive to see the next episode.

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