Robotics;Notes Episode 17


Recap: With Mizu’s death and the disastrous results of the GUN-BUILD2 test, it looks like everything is spiraling downwards for the Robotics Club. Still, even with Subaru’s imparement and the disbanding of the club, the build is all that Aki has.

This was a depressing week, that’s for sure. I’m glad to see my prediction on Subaru’s state was correct, but man they still made it look pretty bad. The dude won’t even be able to get any exoskeletons either ’cause it’d just make him another target for the shadowly corporation to use. I’m glad to see all of this was taken with the proper amount of gravitas. Due to their completely foolish actions in testing during high winds, they are getting shut down. What happens later though, that just kinda irks me.


I suppose I can understand why Aki wants to continue with the build even if it’s outside of the official club. Being the only connection she has with her sister, and the only thing that makes her feel worthwhile, you could easily see the peppy nature of her character forever get crushed if her only dream becomes completely unattainable. Still, it feels far too soon to go through with this when Subaru is still in the hospital because of their bad call. Kai is even there to tell her so, but simply seems to give up for the first time in order to actually help her. If I were to pick any of the times she’s asked for his help, this really isn’t the one I thought he would say yes to.

Who knows how much the robot is even going to matter now. With Kai accidentally sending the reports to every tablet on the globe something tells me they’re going to have bigger problems. Even if they start working on the build again, how are they going to fix all of the twisted metal from the parts already cracked? That sounds way outside of their budget to me. Unfortunately Robotics;Notes fails once again to really enthrall me the way Steins;Gate did, and it’s a huge disappointment.


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