Robotics;Notes Episode 20


Recap: The hammiest sequence of events happens, and for once it really doesn’t work in this show’s favor.

Well, that was somewhat painful. Look, I know having Aki deliver a huge speach on justice is right in her wheelhouse, but the way it was done just seemed incredibly forced and hammy. I was rolling my eyes throughout the entire speech. What’s worse is just how Airi was saved. You’re telling me Kimijima can’t react faster than a parrot, or that a parrot has the strength to take a gun out of someone’s hand? I’ve fallen away from this show for a while, but if anything was really what you could call a “shark-jumping” moment, it would definitely be this.


Still, at the very least we get some answers finally. I was unfortunately spoiled to this via Robotics;Note’s horrible characters page, which stated how Misa was Kou’s killer in the very first sentence. I guess maybe she was just traumatized, but I don’t quite understand why Misa didn’t just understand this was a defense act, something she could probably not be punished for even if she did take the matter to the police. It does lessen the impact somewhat for me, I thought maybe that Misa simply became evil, that that was just how she changed growing up. Now we have the all too familiar story of a loved one being roped into evil but still having a pure heart. If she doesn’t use what little control she has for a sacrifice I’d be highly surprised, everything else is going straight off the book as far as that trope’s concerned.

Another problem I had was, despite how cute of a sequence it was, having everyone in the island help just felt really forced. I also am not even sure how much good it would do. None of those kids are mechanics, what do they expect them to do with this giant robot? I suppose getting the support of everyone will help with labor, but without the technical skills it’d take them weeks when it barely seems like they have even a day. Honestly, the only thing i really enjoyed out of this episode was Frau, and it’s hard not to love whatever crazy spews out of her mouth. Robotics;Notes still has a few weeks to change my mind, but it’s gonna have to do it quick.


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