Ixion Saga DT Episode 23

Well that was a freebie

Recap: Kon and company try to alert Jugglabark about the Ulga Sororities true intentions, but are stopped by incoming armies and Kon’s newfound bad luck. ED tries to contact his superiors for further direction while Icognito learns a not so surprising secret about one of their members.

Jel’s Thoughts: This episode was Ixion at its comedic best. I can’t even remember all the funny moments, but I’ll pick Kon trying to stamp out Death Flags and ED’s montage of KT moments as the best of the bunch. I’ll even throw in the bit about Marian being a “pure maiden” amplifying Kon’s bad luck or the fact that last week’s episode NEVER HAPPENED. It was all great payoff on the time we’ve spent getting to know these characters, with a bit of a return to skewering Fantasy fiction clichés for good measure.

Let's get physical

As funny as it was though, not too much happens aside from learning the armies of the other factions have already arrived and war is immediately imminent. I suppose it was a good transition episode from last week’s non sequitur, but it doesn’t leave me much to write about. I’m looking forward to next week’s battle as the potential for humor is tremendous. Will everyone’s big bros return to battle or will that just be another one of Ixion’s important details to be casually discarded for a good laugh? I also noticed Ecarlate is armed and dangerous now and basically carrying around Raising Heart. There’s no way that cannot be funny. With only two episodes to go I am so ready for whatever hilariously over the top conclusion Ixion no doubt has in store for us.

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