First Impressions: Samurai Bride


Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Bride
Anime Original by ARMS
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Premise: Muneakira returns from a journey of enlightenment to find that the girls, who have fallen on hard financial times and haven’t received any compensation or recognition for saving Japan,  have turned the sacred dojo into a maid cafe.

Samuraibride 1 2

Timmy’s Verdict: Dumb Fun

Season one was easily the most enjoyable when it wasn’t taking itself seriously, so it’s nice to see the second season throw everything out the window and go for something as crazy as a maid cafe as a running gag. Also great is that the whole clashing of traditional and modern technology that I enjoyed has returned, most notably shown in Yukimura’s tablet and Hanzo’s scouter. The art is also the same level of inky goodness I remember so there is a lot of the same going on here. 

That isn’t to say Bride doesn’t introduce some new things as well though, namely a whole slew of new characters who have dubbed themselves Dark Samurai. I have to wonder if they are are trying to copy a page out of Senran Kagura’s playbook with this whole heroines and anti heroines thing. I just hope they keep in mind that staying lighthearted, fun, and not getting super duper serious about a stupid plot is what made that show enjoyable, and the first season of this show go horribly downhill for that matter. In the end if you are looking for something dumb, but fun, you might as well give Samurai Bride a shot. Just hope it remembers to keep up on the fun, otherwise what would be left would probably still be pretty, but also pretty dumb.

As a programmers note, seening as I have pretty much failed at doing the whole weekly post thing, I might just stick to first and final impressions with maybe a mid season update post unless Samurai Bride really manages to impresses me.

Samuraibride 1 1

Lifesong’s Verdict: Somehow Dumber Than Season One

What else needs to be said about this? The cast have fallen upon hard times. In order to make money they have transformed their Dojo into a maid cafe. Still with me? The maid cafe is not just a breif gag… Gone now? No? You must like these character designs as much as I do then. This is undoubtly one of the dumbest things of the season, but I will probably enjoy every episode anyway. Moe Moe Harakiri Kyun!

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