First Impressions: Yuyushiki


4-koma adaptation by Kinema Citrus
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Premise: Three girls are starting high school and discover the vacant Data Processing Club. That’s about it.

I can't make a clever quip about NOTHING

Jel’s Verdict: Staring Into the Void

This season’s “Staring Into the Void” award is going to Yuyushiki. When someone criticizes a slice of life show for being about “nothing”, it’s usually an exaggeration. There’s always some kind of talking bird, magic wishing rock, or girl with a learning disability playing guitar to add some unique spin on things. That’s not the case with Yuyushiki.

There are absolutely no redeeming qualities to be found here. The jokes aren’t really jokes, there’s no drama, it all comes off as just statements of fact and occasionally the girls trying to get under the heroine’s skirt. It’s so devoid of content that the climactic scene of the episode involves the girls looking out the window and googling facts about the sun. The dialogue meanders with so little purpose I was struggling to even pay attention to what they were saying. Even the art is ugly with character designs that seem to want to emulate the style of Ume Aoki but lack any of her stylish charm and polish. Unless you want to see what a show that is truly about nothing looks like, do not watch this show.

This image is strictly informational

Lifesong’s Verdict: Like YuruYuri without the Yuru

This slice of life has no atmosphere going for it at all. The only thing special this anime managed was in the way it played against my attention span. Often before have I heard slice of life called pointless, but you haven’t experienced real storytelling in a void until you attempt to watch this and realize that you can’t even follow the conversations. It’s almost like every single character in this cast is Akari, only it’s not a joke. All three girls combined still lacked so much presence that I had to pause and re-watch parts of this anime in order to fairly say that I finished it. If you are suffering from insomnia give this a chance, it will probably help your condition.

Indeed it is

2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Yuyushiki

  1. I was a tad disappointed that this episode was not at least a quarter as entertaining as Hidamari Sketch. I was scratching my brain to figure out where I had heard the name when I recalled the advertisement inserts in Hidamari Sketch about Manga Kirara Time and this was one of the mangas it carried.

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