Attack on Titan: Episode 2


Recap: As the Shiganshina wall falls and its inhabitants flee, things go from bad to worse as the Titans manage to bring down the main perimeter wall; Rose Wall as well. Eren swears revenge upon the monsters who have destroyed the lives of his people.


Gee’s Thoughts:

The pain train does not stop in Attack on Titan. Having just barely escaped the initial invasion, the Titans keep up the pressure as the assail the Rose Wall, the first of the 3 primary walls that protect humanity. Of course, this wouldn’t be a horror/survival/action if things didn’t go straight to shit, so naturally Rose Wall falls as well. Keep in mind that once that wall falls, humanity has essentially lost nearly half of its geographic territory. Once the Titans are in, there’s little they can do to force them back out, which means all the land behind the walls essentially becomes uninhabitable.

In addition, we witness yet another “elite” titan, similar to the gargantuan one that brought down the Shiganshina wall. Whereas the first one got by on being 5-10 times bigger than the average titan, this one seemingly is armored and is capable of deflecting anything humanity can throw at it. It’s already bad enough that humanity is getting its shit slapped by regular Titans, but it’s the mystery of these special Titans that will likely push the plot. After all, where did the gargantuan Titan go after it knocked down the wall? Why didn’t it keep going? And why did the armored Titan stop after breaking Rose Wall? It’s not like these Titans are particularly stealthy, so their mysteriously spontaneous appearances and disappearances only add to humanity’s woes. Something to think about for sure.


Overall, this episode maintained the same sense of intensity and oppressiveness of the debut episode. Even in situations as “mundane” as receiving rations and struggling to survive contain the same sense of bleakness that permeates the anime. Eren and Mikasa have truly been broken by recent events and despite Eren’s oath to kill every single Titan, it’s clearly an oath made from grief and desperation than anything else. Mikasa’s devotion to her brother is perhaps one of the few heartwarming moments in this episode. Despite her coldness, she clearly cares a lot about her brother.

With the next episode, it looks like we’ll be jumping to the present as Eren, Mikasa, and Armin having joined the military. How exactly does one train to become proficient in the usage of gas-powered cable backpacks? I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.



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