Valvrave the Liberator: Episode 3


Recap: ARUS forces arrive at JIOR to provide assistance and oversee the evacuation as the Dorrsian fleets threaten their survival. Haruto agrees to act as a figurehead to encourage it as L-Elf manages to escape from custody.


Gee’s Thoughts: Anyway, this episode got truly ridiculous, and not necessarily in a good way. L-Elf proves himself to be one of the most absurdly over the top characters in this show, as he manages to somehow take down JIOR’s entire military force. In some ways, it’s hilarious to watch how almost…awesomely incompetent the JIOR forces are, yet at the same time, immensely mind-numbing how stupidly broken “Eru Erufufu” is, even without a giant robot or something similar. I’ve watched enough mecha anime to know it’s not always the guys with the giant robots you gotta look out for, but L-Elf takes it to levels of absurdity we haven’t seen since G Gundam’s Master Asia

As I suspected, Valvrave only continues to get dumber with every passing episode. What may have started out as an interesting concept has completely fallen apart thanks to shoddy execution and terrible characterization. I say this now, and I suppose it’s my own fault for not realizing sooner. If you’re not watching Valvrave as a comedy or a parody of the the real robot genre, you’re doing it wrong. This is an anime that demands you to shut off your brain, even more so than the likes of Jojo, which is at least audaciously enjoyable in its stupidity.


Lifesong’s Thoughts: So we have a magical techno wizard with ninja skills and an immortal vampire with body hoping powers. Together they make up a force that will change the universe forever! This anime is so dumb, but I can’t help how much fun I’m having with it. I wonder how long it will take before the magical girlfriend shows up…

2 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator: Episode 3

    • I should have gone into detail but didn’t figure Valvrave was worth spending more than 2 paragraphs on. Essentially I feel that all the characters fall into neat archetypes to the point where they feel manufactured. Haruto is the whiny reluctant mecha pilot with a special power, Eru-Erurufu is the pretty hyper-competent adversary, Best Girl is the childhood friend, etc etc. Every character feels like a palette swap of somebody out of Code Geass or Guilty Crown and I’ve yet to see anything that distinguishes the cast of Valvrave from any other pretty boy mecha anime.

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