All Your Monies: June 3rd


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. Looks like you are all stuck with me again this week. Maybe if I fill the post up with swimsuit figures Zigg and Jel will stop leaving me in charge.

Miku Hatsune Shinkai Shoujo Version (VOCALOID)
Good Smile Company, December, 11,800 JPY


Timmy: Truly a lovely version of Miku. The expression is wonderful, the hair is a complex,  interesting, twisty mess and the base is really nicely done. I am half tempted to get her and drop her into a fish tank just to see how awesome she would look in there. GSC is sure asking an arm and a leg though.

Iro: The underwater look of this one is pretty nice.

Aquagaze: Hatsune Miku has stopped being a real character and become more of a concept. Very few of the figures and designs she is getting nowadays have anything to do with her origins as a digital pop singer. While figures like these reek of obvious milking, shafting an original design in favour of yet another Miku; they also provide ample window for creativity. It must be considered that a gorgeous, high-quality design such as this one would not have been possible had it not been Miku on display here. At nearly twice the price compared to other statics, this little mermaid will deal some debilitating damage onto your wallet, yet for once, you don’t actually have to be a Miku fan to consider getting one.

Lifesong: The underwater look is neat. Her hair is really the best part. It looks like it is flowing about in the water. I love that effect.

Jel: I’m with Timmy, this would be the ultimate fish tank accessory. It really is a lovely sculpt though, and I’m most impressed with the swirling hair and coral base. I guess my general Miku fatigue makes it hard for me to get too excited about it, not to mention the price tag, but I’m sure this will be a huge hit for GSC.

Momo Velia Deviluke (To Love-Ru)
Max Factory, November, 7,820 JPY


Timmy: I know I am not suppose to like Tu Love-Ru but I find this version of Momo, who surprisingly already has a couple nice figures already, to be absolutely lovely. I don’t know what is is about this mint green and pink combo but I think it really works well. While this is quite a liberal definition of a wedding dress, I’ll take something interesting like this over another swimsuit figure any day. That expression is quite nice as well. It’s all almost enough for me to forget about her NSFW origins where she is forced to fellate a popsicle. (Thanks for linking that in the chat Aqua, now I can’t unsee it.)

Iro: I… what? What kind of wedding dress is just a corset, panties, and garters?

Aquagaze: And here, we can witness the male power fantasy (Solitudo virginis) in its natural habitat. The patriarchic sanctitude of marriage, the epitome of waifu appeal, sexualized all the way to the other end of the spectrum, and spiced with a delightful bit of jailbait. You are welcome, Timmy. I really think that image serves as enough proof that most pornography has more decency than To Love-Ru.

Lifesong: Wedding dress made to look lingerie? Yup this is To Love Ru alright. She looks pretty good all things considered. I just hope this wedding outfit is for the grooms eyes only. She is cute if you ignore the context. The light green looks good with her pink hair. I just can’t help feeling like she forgot half the outfit. Maybe demon weddings are less modest than we might think? I wouldn’t put that past To Love Ru.

Jel: OK guys for the record they do make lingerie meant to be worn under a wedding dress. Apparently poor Momo here has just lost the dress part. While I want no part of it, this is probably about as classy a To Love Ru figure as you’re going to get and the actual technical quality is stunning. The level of detail in the flowers and lace as well as the really impressive paint work make me really want to get a figure from Max Factory, just something a little less lascivious.

Saber Alter Swimsuit Version (Fate/Hollow Ataraxia)
Alter, October, 6,200 JPY


Timmy: Speaking of popsicles, and swimsuit figures for that matter, Alter brings us a nice figure of Saber sporting both. She has a nice, interesting expression but I think the previously linked gif has ruined popsicles for me as I am seeing things here I probably shouldn’t be.

Iro: I guess this is based on some piece of artwork where the popsicle is just in her mouth instead of being held, but I believe that already has a figure. The face on this one looks plain weird, also. And why is Saber Alter eating ice cream anyway? She’s supposed to be into hamburgers.

Aquagaze: Wasn’t Alter supposed to be the evil version of Saber? What’s she doing chilling at the beach?

Lifesong: Where is the hamburger? That is what I want to know.

Jel: Come on Alter (the company, not the character), I’m sure you’ve got bills to pay but you’re digging really deep into that Saber well. And I really like Saber! Of course they’ve managed to do an exceptional job with such a simple design, crafting every possible little crease and fold in her swimsuit. But can we please see some of that craftsmanship directed elsewhere.

Caster (Fate/Extra CCC)
Phat Company, November, 7,020 JPY


Timmy: I guess Phat wasn’t satisfied with their previous Caster as they decided to make another one but she is interesting and different enough I won’t hold it against them. Not to mention I am a sucker for transparent plastic, which this edition seems to be sporting a lot of. Quite a bit of good stuff here with that nice face, nice hair, interesting outfit, and generally nice details overall. And I don’t know what that tiny hat is all about but I think it looks fabulous.

Iro: Here is where I get to mention how all of the new costumes for Fate/Extra CCC are pretty weird. Caster’s deal in the first game was that she wanted to be a perfect wife or something, so of course that translates to some sort of… leather… bondage… frilly top hat deal. Makes perfect sense. Yep.

Aquagaze: This is the sort of character design that we in layman’s terms refer to as “a clusterfuck”. Sure, it makes for a neatly detailed, well-crafted figure, but for starters, these breasts are simply incomprehensible. Nipples and areolae belong in the centre of the breast, where are they here? On her butt? By the way, what does this outfit even have to do with Tamamo-no-Mae? The only thing I think of when I hear Fate/Extra CCC is the ridiculous fanservice that it so heavily marketed. I’m not the biggest fan of Type-Moon works, but at the very least they deserve the serious treatment befitting of their storytelling.

Lifesong: I love Casters face. She has a beautiful smile and happy expression that really pop out at you. I wish more figures looked so happy. The outfit is all kinds of silly, but fits the character well enough. The gold bondage ropes bound around her body and holding up her chest are kind of hilarious.

Jel: I really love the color scheme here, with the teal ribbons, pink hair, and orange fox tail/ears really standing out against the black and gold outfit. Sure it’s gaudy and screaming for attention, but that seems appropriate for the character. I normally leave the breast fixation to the rest of the guys, but I can’t help but mention Caster’s Basketball Boob syndrome kind of brings the whole thing down. I don’t care if they’re huge, but can they at least have a normal shape?

Nendoroid Hayate Yagami Unison Edition (Nanoha)
Good Smile Company, October, 3,190 JPY


Timmy: Because I probably should make sure there is at least one nendo as well as one Nanoha figure in here. Hayate is interesting in the fact that she also comes with the jointed, posable arms and legs that Fate and Nanoha had as well as all the interesting extra stuff she had from the movie. Pretty good attention to detail in general and that is before you throw in that awesome itty bitty version of Reinforce.

Iro: I only saw the movie so this girl’s whole plot arc just seemed moronic to me. Why would you carry around something called the Book of Evil for goodness sake?

Aquagaze: Hats off to Good Smile Company for making a nendoroid with moveable limbs that doesn’t look horrible. In fact, Hayate is a pretty great buy, with her flying stand and funky accesories. As usual, there is nothing to complain about as far as the craft is concerned. Then again, it’s just another Nanoha figure. Sigh.

Lifesong: Wait is this new? There are so many Nanoha figures I just can’t keep up anymore.

Jel: BOOK OF DARKNESS-SAN, YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND! Not pictured is the mini Reinforce figure, which certainly makes for an interesting accessory. Look, you know the drill here, another week another very well made Nanoha nendoroid and/or figma.

Beach Queens Nori and Nazuna (Hidamari Sketch)

Wave, September, 3,320 JPY each


Timmy: Eh, these two are a bit more generic and quite a bit less lively compared to the other set we feature two months ago. Nori still has a somewhat interesting pose I guess and I applaud the ambitious pattern on the swimsuit. Nazuna on the other hand just looks like she feels awkward and doesn’t know what to do, although I haven’t seen the show so this could be one of those rare Beach Queens that is actually in character.

Iro: Football heaaaaaads

Aquagaze: Nazuna and Nori do indeed, and maybe surprisingly so, look a bit blander than the Yuno and Miyako we had a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, it is nice to see Beach Queens that are actually in character. Nori’s bikini sports a neat texture and her pose is assertive without getting oversexualized. Nazuna, on the other hand, looks just as uncomfortable and shy as she does in the show, though her pose is a bit awkward. In the original artwork she had both hands folded together, which does look a bit better. Due to the price tag of Beach Queens, they are rarely ever truly polished, but we have definitely seen some better ones in the past.

Lifesong: I don’t remember Sayaka having a blond friend… oh… different football heads, got it.

Jel: I’ll assign a few bonus points for having unique swimsuit designs, and Nazuna seems to have more detailed hair than your average Beach Queen. I am kind of surprised they’re really milking the Hidamari Sketch swimsuit thing though, is there really a demand for that?

Laytea Adolf Swimsuit Version Repaint (Dai Teikoku)
Kaitendo, July, 7,200 JPY


Timmy: Because even though the first version has yet to sell out Kaitendo feels the need for a color swap. Still just as awesome though with that drill hair, hat, and pose and expression in general, not to mention the whole being a moeified version of Hitler part. Sadly I passed before because of the price and this time around will probably not be any different.


seig heil

Aquagaze: Will we ever understand Japan’s bizarre obsession with the Third Reich? Sure, the hair is very neatly crafted, and the little… uhm… symbolic details make her stand out from other swimsuit figures, but can’t help but find the entire existence of this character a bit tasteless.

Lifesong: I am hopelessly amused by the idea of Hitler genderbent and wearing a bikini. I would pick this up if I didn’t already own the original. There is a bit of satire in making Hitler into a pop idol that I find so ironic I have a hard time putting it into words. If nothing else Adolf here makes a great conversation piece.

Jel: Maybe it’s for the best that you can’t tell this is supposed to be Hitler at first glance… or is it? I don’t know, once you’ve crossed the line of making a genderswapped pop idol bikini version of one of the most evil men in human history, might as well go all out right?

Mikoto Misaka Water Play version (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Kotobukiya, December, 8,400 JPY (Dengeki exclusive)


Timmy: A very interesting interesting figure of Mikoto and reminds me of the playing with the garden hose myself way back during those childhood days, although I wasn’t doing it to please the crowd as she seems to be doing here. Still a nice figure and its nice to see a castoff able shirt accompany a swimsuit figure for once. The “I am not playing with the hose because I like it or anything” alternate expression is also worth mentioning. I am honestly a bit tempted since she would be fun to photograph but jumping though hoops to get her certainly puts me off a bit.

Iro: Wait, doesn’t this girl have electric powers? Why is she messing with water?

Aquagaze: Just what is up with Mikoto Misaka? It is like she is cursed or something. No one has been able to make a good figure of this cool chick to date, and this one is no different. While I like the concept, her face looks too lifeless and pale, which is starting to become a common thing with Kotobukiya figures. The pose is a bit wierd as well. Who stands like this when they’re playing with a hose? Finally, the bikini underneath the (removable) shirt is just a tad bit too small to classify as tasteful. Miss, once again.

Lifesong: I don’t want to be anywhere near Misaka while she is playing with water.

Jel: The hose and T-shirt are kind of interesting additions for a swimsuit figure, but of all the characters in the anime/manga/video game universe, why would you use Mikoto Misaka? Not only is it out of character, it’s downright DANGEROUS. I want to see a figure of her about to electrocute someone, there are dozens of other characters that would be better suited for this.

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