Chihayafuru 2 Episode 22


Recap: Chihaya faces off against Shinobu, but her injury may be more than she can handle. Elsewhere, we finally start to see how the other members of Team Mizusawa are doing.

Have you ever had that sinking feeling in your stomach when you know the guys you’re rooting for just aren’t going to pull off the win.  Unfortunately that’s exactly what I was feeling for Chihaya this match. I mean, this is the Queen, but even beyond that with the injury I knew this wouldn’t be pretty. Quickly we’re reminded of why Shinobu is the best woman in the world.

I do like how this match emphasized the idea of not going easy on your opponent, no matter what. I’ve had the chance to compete in a few sports and video games, and the biggest thing I always tell someone of greater skill: never stop. I think I speak for all competitive people that they would rather be destroyed by someone giving their all than lose close by pity. I hope this loss really helps Chihaya refine her game, so we can get even more impressed by the time she’s back to full health.


While it was sad to see her go, I was looking forward to hearing about how the rest of the team was doing. Sumire has grown on me as the season has gone on, but what I really want to see most is Tsukuba’s performance. There’s really just something admirable about how much he fought to play, and never gave up even when he was outmatched. I’m also looking forward to see if there might be another Komano v. Kana matchup in the C class finals. First up is Taichi, and it looks like he’s finally laying the smackdown. Can he keep it up for a finals win?


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