First Impressions: Dog & Scissors


Alternate titles: Inu to Hasami wo Tsukaiyo
Light novel adaptation by Gonzo
Simulcast onĀ Crunchyroll

Premise: A young man who loves to read is killed protecting his favorite author. He is resurrected as her pet dog.


Lifesong’s Verdict: Cheap Cheesy Fun

I felt like the directing was a bit stiff and the animation was either off model of just poor in general. Despite my complaints I found this first episode to be moderately enjoyable. The story takes a boy who loves reading, gets him killed protecting his favorite author and places them in a situation that I am not sure I feel comfortable calling a romantic comedy.

I like the characters despite the mediocre directing and I imagine I would enjoy reading the original books. I can’t really call this first episode good, but I went into this hoping for the best and I came out with that hope intact. I think we need another few episodes to gauge where this show is headed, but so far I am having fun.


Jel’s Verdict: Unfortunate Cuts

I’m not entirely sure what I just watched. It certainly is an original concept but it kind of felt like they were just pulling ideas out of the air and throwing them in there. I never quite felt the random elements coming together or got any sense of what the point to this all was. Judging by the amazingly bizarre OP and ED I’m assuming we’re going to get a pretty extensive cast though, so maybe there will be a lot more to work with than just the relationship between adult Yozora Kirihime and her new pet.

Presentation wise I would have loved to see a more artsy, Shaft-style look for this clearly low budget affair. It would have worked out so much better, not to mention Shinbo probably would have turned Kirihime into the hottest anime babe of the year (it’s OK, she’s 20!). Instead they go for big budget style directing without the animation to back it up, and most of it looks flat out awful. Between the lack of cohesiveness and the poor presentation marring my thin attention span, more Dog & Scissors might be a tough sell for me, but at the very least I can see a lot of raw creative potential in the weeks to come.


Timmy’s Verdict: Throw this Dog a Bone

I saw a lot of potential here as the premise seems fun enough for me to keep coming back for more to see how the relationship between these two play out. There are however a lot of shortcomings as well here, most of which have to do with Gonzo. This show is definitely a low budget affair and its unfortunate since there seems to be a good amount of raw potential here. All I could think during the lingerie scene was that Shaft, and Shinbou, could have done it a whole lot better. Looks like we are stuck with what we got though and this dog has shown he is worthy enough to stick around. Hopefully someone at Gonzo will take the time to give him a bath but I am not going to get my hopes up at this point.

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