Random Manga Theatre 53: Year One Roundup

Hit the “Random” button and see what comes up! In this feature, we take a look at whatever manga the Random Number God decides to throw at us and find out if it’s worth your time.

This time: All the weird, crazy, terrible, and wonderful manga I’ve found over the past year, by Various Authors


Holy shit, has it been a year already? Have I really done this for 53 weeks (minus a couple)? Pretty crazy! Anyway, it’s a bit difficult to look through all the RMT posts five at a time by checking the tag, so I’ve decided to take a break from reading this week and just aggregate the past year in one post for you guys.

So, without further ado, here we go!

#1: Nana of Banana
In a world where everyone has an oddball power, a girl named Nana with power over bananas decides to go on an adventure.

#2: Un Cassandra
Certain people possess the power of precognition, seeing when others are fated to die. Our heroes fight to save innocents from their untimely deaths.

#3: The Neighbor’s Bag W
A young man is torn between his sexy 11-year-old neighbor and the classmate he’s had a crush on for years.

#4: Song of the Sun
An unlikely romance blossoms between a girl literally allergic to sunlight and a young surfer who listens to her guitar at night.

#4.5: Aquagaze’s Takeover Post

  • Big Order
  • Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha
  • Temptation Temple
  • An Eve in the Gelasian

#5: Super Sadistic Sisters
Dude has a little sister. She’s a super sadist.

#6: Memories of Emanon
A young man searching for meaning in life meets a young woman who has been doing the same since the beginning of life itself.

#7: Crimsons: The Scarlet Navigators of the Ocean
A school of sockeye salmon decides to travel the world to find paradise, tailed by marine biologists.

#8: My Lovely Ghost Kana
A suicidal adult meets a ghost who died by committing suicide, and the two convince each other to live again.

#9: Klan
Clans of humans who can morph into animals come to blows.

#10: Cockroach Girl
The adventures of an anthropomorphized cockroach.

#11: Satoshi Mizukami Anthology
Various short stories by mangaka Satoshi Mizukami.

#12: Tista
New York’s greatest assassin happens to be a young nun who struggles with the morality of her actions.

#13: Superhuman Academy
Magical misfits who don’t belong in the real world decide to start their own high school.

#14: Closed Hands, Open Hands
A series of tangled romances, each following a minor character from the last.

#15: Diary of a Drunk Man
Magical swords are scattered around Japan, and our hero possesses one that makes him and his victims drunk.

#16: Williams
William desperately wants to go on adventures like those of his favorite novel hero, and strives to prove said hero as fact, not fiction.

#17: The Tentacled Princess
A princess with a tentacled demon for a partner has to track down and defeat Phantom Beasts that threaten innocent people.

#18: Centaur’s Worries
Slice of life in a world where humans are comprised of various “monsters”, including angels, centaurs, and mermaids.

#19: Daily Life with Monster Girls
A hapless young man is placed in charge of various nubile monster ladies as part of an inter-species exchange program.

#20: Morito of the Bonten
Our hero is the latest in a line of monks whose life purpose is to keep the existence of demons out of the public eye.

#21: Red Temptation
A run-of-the-mill romance between a high school teacher and her hot student. (Guest post by MarlinClock)

#22: Battlefield Between Lovers
A boy desperate to have a girlfriend ends up with three fake ones.

#23: Smargs Won’t Sing
Two sisters are the only survivors from a dragon attack, but the creature is still out there somewhere…

#24: $100 Is Too Cheap
A bounty hunter and a bartender brainstorm to figure out why there’s a man with a negative $100 bounty.

moidu - Copy

#25: Melody of Iron
A man ruined by the mafia learns psychokinesis and uses iron arms to wreak his vengeance.

#26: Double Arts
A young woman is inflicted with a fatal plague while searching for a cure, and skin contact with a mysterious youth is the only thing that keeps her from dying.

#27: Photo Kano: Your Eyes Only
A dating sim adaptation with photography as its main gimmick. Also has an anime adaptation.


#28: One Punch Man
A superhero can defeat anything in one punch, and has become bored with the life of a hero because of it.

#29: Tokyo Girls Destruction
Prestigious lady’s school by day, all-out-brawl by night.


#30: Flower Arrangement Maiden
A young girl can speak to plants, and she strikes up a friendship with an eccentric young man who loves flowers.

#31: Elementary School Girl Introduction
A lolicon is magically transformed into a loli by a Pokemon.


#32: Recently, My Sister is Unusual
A young girl is possessed by a ghost who is way into her older brother.

#33: Miracle Dieter Miyuki
A food-themed Sailor Moon parody.

#34: Art Gallery of Imagination
A girl finds out that the fancy art academy she attends is haunted.

#35: The Day She Jumped
A series of vignettes about depression and tough circumstances.


#36: Electric Town’s Bookstore
Slice of life in a manga store with a cast of unrepentant otaku.

#37: Spoiler Wars
A girl takes revenge for having an anime spoiled.

#38: Forget Me Not
A young master detective must find what was stolen from her ancestor to receive her inheritance.

img000001 - Copy

#39: She Can’t Bear It
A teacher strikes up a mind-boggling romance with her student, who wears a dog suit at all times.

#40: Wild Rose Sorcerers
A young man returns to the village he grew up in, determined to show all of them the power of medicine.

#41: List the Kataribe
A high school student and mysterious young girl must track down mystical items based on the Grimm Fairy Tales.


#42: The Wicked Eyes Fly To The Full Moon
A demon owl capable of killing living creatures by sight terrorizes Tokyo, and only a grizzled old country hunter can take it down.

#43: Jyashin-Chan Dropkick
A delusional girl summons an actual dark god, who is actually just a crazed, clumsy lamia.

#44: Green Blood
Two brothers try to survive in the worst slums New York has to offer, by both honest and dishonest means.


#45: Rock n’ Roll Ricky
A wannabe rocker’s life is turned around as he becomes a single dad and makes it onto a reality show about boxing.

#46: Cooking Papa
One of the longest running manga ever, a salaryman cooks delicious food for his family and friends.


#47: Jiya
An alien arrives on Earth looking for his comrade, who has mysteriously disappeared.

#48: Oniichan Control
A college student’s yandere little sister decides to move in with him as she also attends college in Tokyo.

#49: Cool Shock B.T.
Hirohiko Araki’s (of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fame) first serialized manga, about a child with disturbingly loose morals.

#50: Holy Land
A bullying victim turns towards street fighting to beat down thugs and find meaning in life. (Guest post by Gee-Man)


#51: Soma’s Dinner Drama
A boy named Soma attends a prestigious culinary school and makes all the ladies foodgasm with his chef skills.

#52: PositioN
Simple slice-of-life vignettes of the highest quality.

Aaaand that’s every Random Manga Theatre we’ve done over the past year. I may or may not continue this exercise in self-flagellation over the next year – I guess we’ll see. But until such a point where my very body breaks from being forced to read terrible manga after terrible manga, look forward to what we’ll dig up for next week.

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