First Impressions: Dangan Ronpa


Alternate Titles: Dangan Ronpa: The Animation

Video Game adaptation by Lerche

Streaming at….. eventually

Premise: Makoto Naegi is about to start his new life in the super prestigious Hope’s Peak Academy… or so he thought.


Marlin’s Verdict: Requires More Investigating.

As one of the few in the Glorio Blog to have read Orenronen’s Let’s Play of the original game, I can only say so much without spoiling. That said, I really think one can’t view the show on this single episode alone. It would work better paired with this next one, if the plot progresses the way I imagine it will. This show has just barely scratched the surface of the despair awaiting these teens in the next few weeks. The music is stellar, but it’s all music that was already in the original game. I know it was true to the game, but hearing the background music actually changing at each proper part was kinda jarring in an animated format. In the end, this episode hasn’t really hasn’t excited me that greatly for whats to come. It might just be the weakness of the mystery genre that makes rewatching so difficult, especially so soon after learning the story as I have. Knowing everything that will happen is just going to make me see how they animate it, but if that doesn’t shape up there really wont be any reason for me to continue watching.


Lifesong’s Verdict: Boring

A survival game needs to elicit a true sense of fear and dread in order to work its magic, this anime didn’t do that. There is no adrenaline fulled terror to be found in this first episode. The characters are more like tropes than characters and honestly… just boring. I don’t really care about anyone here or their situation. Hopefully episode two will fix how boring this show is because episode one did not inspire confidence.