First Impressions: Love Lab


Alternate titles: Renai Lab, RABU RABU
Manga adaptation by Dogakobo

Premise: A popular tomboy discovers the also popular student council president has been secretly conducting experiments to learn more about love. She promises to keep her secret and so the Love Lab is born.


Lifesong’s Verdict: Hilarious

Somewhere between the leg movement and the face of the ideal boyfriend I starting laughing so hard I couldn’t even keep track of what was going on. I had decent hopes for this anime and it knocked them out of the park. Really there isn’t much more that I can say about it. The dumb perfect chick is just way too fucking funny.

The one other thing I liked was the cute couple dynamic between the two heroines. It was neat that they didn’t feel a need to cram all the characters into this first episode and just let us have some antics between the first two characters. It did a nice job of setting the stage for things to come.


Jel’s Verdict: Successful Experiment

Based on the studio, character designs, and general premise I was ready to write this off as YuruYuri 2.0 but surprisingly Love Lab managed to have its own unique, significantly more entertaining identity. I really liked the Odd Couple relationship between the main girls but it was the physical sight gags that had me laughing pretty hard. The Crazy Legs in particular are going to go down as one of the hardest gut laughs I’ve had in awhile. It helps that the animation is STUNNING, perhaps even better than Kyoto Animation’s Free!. Considering the physical comedy was my favorite part of the episode, I’m glad they put the extra effort into it. I’m not confident Love Lab can manage to keep up this level of quality for an entire series, but if they do this could turn out to be another good comedy for the Summer season.

Iro’s Verdict: Actually Funny

Goddammit. For the first half of the episode I was just marveling over the ridiculously good animation, and in the second half I was doing that but while laughing my ass off. The crazy leg shuffle legitimately had me in fucking stitches, and most of the other gags did get some laughs out of me. I usually hate schoolgirl comedies, but against all odds I actually did enjoy this. However, it remains to be seen if Love Lab can keep up the quality in the episodes to come.


Marlin’s Verdict: Funding Granted

Man, this season is just not going the way I thought it would. You know something is weird when your favorite first episode of the season is from a show called Love Lab. Like everyone else, I was in absolute stitches from this show. It’s an absolutely beautiful mix of physical comedy and animation gags that just keep you laughing the whole way through.

Gee’s Verdict: Inoffensively Amusing

As others have said, this is definitely a show I would never bother to watch if I had just looked at the premise. My time is valuable, and I have little time for bad anime so I was quite ready to write this one off. So it was a pleasant surprise when I saw some genuinely funny antics accompanied by some top notch animation. I’ll admit though, humor is one of those things that certainly is not universal, as I certainly didn’t laugh at the jokes nearly as much as the rest of the GLORIO crew. While I got some chuckles out of it, Cromartie High or Nichijou this aint. I already have too much on my plate to invest time in this show, but it seems like it’ll be quite an entertaining ride for those who are sticking with it.

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