Passionate Anime Songs: Lingerie, Curry and Dynamite.


Sometimes you just have to stop and sing about the things your most passionate about. Well anime occasionally does just that and we have decided to share some of our favorite moments in passionate singing with you!

First up we have the video that inspired this post. Sometimes parents can be embarrassing, but I can honestly claim that mine were never like this. Natsuo’s father made a commercial about bras and he specifically waited for her to be old enough to use the bra before releasing the commercial. Poor Natsou is lucky her friends are not the kind of assholes who would share something like that right?

And of course, if we are going to talk about singing nonsense passionately, Minami Ke has to be mentioned. I don’t even remember this character’s real name, but he saved dinner for the Minami sisters. As far as I am concerned he will forever be known by the title given to him in this clip… The Curry Fairy.

Binbogami is an honest show with honest characters. What shame is there in not only admitting that your favorite thing in the whole world is a woman’s chest, but also singing about it passionately? A lot probably, but these guys don’t seem to know that!

And if we are going to talk about someone singing about chests well… You just can’t top Tomoki’s passion on this subject. This song kills me every time and that the horn and tambourine put the nail in the coffin.

Last but not least we have an incredible performance by Jun Fukuyama. His voice alternates between manly and girly every other line as his characters sings passionately about “her” gender issues. Sadly, this one is not subbed so I included the translation bellow.

“my gender can’t be defined”
“my dynamite swings around freely”
“which part of me do you want”
“the beautiful man or the strongly built woman?”

These are some of our favorite’s, what are some of yours? I am sure there is some great stuff out there that we missed and we would love to see it.

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